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Feeling Frantic or Desperate – & not knowing really what on earth to do about it…
August - September 2013
A case of Shingles

I was asked recently to try and help a Sahaja Yogini who was quite desperate here in the UK, & who has been around for quite a while. She was suffering quite badly with Shingles, a virus disease, which was giving her a lot of pain, which she said was mostly on the right side. The doctors were unable to help. She phoned me many times, and I was at a loss, having suggested trying treatments to bring her into balance. Also recommended was the Effortlessness meditation, which had been so successful for me with the cancer scare. Still she kept complaining that she was at her wit's end with the pain… it was for her getting unbearable.

Then one day she mentioned that she was feeling much pain and aches, discomfort at the top of her head. This sounded like something different… like something that we already had experience of before… so we then tried something else that we had been recommending for quite a long time to more and more people who had certain symptoms in common. For Sahaja Yogis it is mainly the feeling of desperation… of feeling frantic… of being cut off from the Divine… of head aches and pains particularly at the top of the head… and not having any idea what they can do about it. Also it has been seen more and more often in new people coming to get their Realisation at Sahaja Yoga fairs etc. For them, they often present themselves with both Sympathetics overworked… both the channels feeling very hot… both hands feeling very hot when they are checked.

What was suggested for either or both of these cases, was to sit down to meditate in front of Shri Mataji's Photograph, and then after of course raising the Kundalini & applying a bandhan, to then firstly, and quite strongly bring down both the Sympathetics at the same time - cross the hands over above the head, to grab the balloons of Ego & Superego, and pull them both across at the forehead level, and then down all the way and throw them away. Do this 3 or 4 times consecutively. Then raise the Kundalini strongly once or twice. Now repeat the whole process 3 or 4 times… alternating the pulling down the Sympathetics say 3 times, with raising the Kundalini say 2 times. Now sit in meditation… and enjoy the peace and the silence.

Usually when you do this, (or if you are in fact doing the whole process for somebody else), you will usually then feel, if you check, that the Sympathetics are now feeling like only one of the channels is still hot, the other having cooled down… meaning that one or other of the channels was more caught up than the other. Then you can continue to treat whichever channel is still in need. But at this stage, resist the temptation to get into conversation or to distract them… let them enjoy this meditative state for a while… and let them get the maximum benefit.

To all this, one can then of course add the Effortlessness meditation.

Just 4 days later after trying this out, this Sahaja Yogini telephoned to say that she was now at last feeling much much better… after having suffered for several weeks without respite… without a break.

What is actually happening is that when we use our both Sympathetics just too much, we simply cut ourselves off from the Divine, by virtue of both balloons of Ego & Superego becoming bloated and swollen, swelling up & closing over at the top of the head, thus very effectively cutting us off from the source of all Divine compassion, love, peace and joy. And then… with all this happening, why should we be surprised that we then feel not quite so well as we would like… that we then feel desperate and frantic… and don’t know what on earth to do about it …

The same sort of thing happens when we indulge too much in ‘chit chat’ or too many interactions on social media… too many e-mails etc.… or too much involvement into trivial or superficial things. Our attention gets drawn outside to all sorts of things of little importance… and we lose contact with that source of all our solutions to our many different types of problems. The solution… more meditation of course… and surrender… in a witness state… and then the joy… just enjoy… the joy… and the peace… and the stillness… and the silence…

Wow... Jai.... Jai... Jai... Jai Shri Mataji

(Quite amazing Miracle - the pulling down of the individual persona, if you like, followed by the raising of the Divine. Reduce the Sympathetics and raise the Divine energies.... to bring us all into a balanced state again)
This type of story has been experienced very often in many different situations with all sorts of people, some Sahaja Yogis too, as well as others also.

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