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Defending our much Beloved Mother

   On another very great day when he was driving Mother’s Mercedes around London, we had occasion to stop somewhere in the East End. We had parked up and we were walking down some quite small roads, when we rounded a corner to find a small news stand on the pavement. Now it is perhaps necessary to remember that our Beloved and Compassionate Mother is always teaching us through whatever circumstances might occur along the way, wherever they might be, or whatever we may be doing. So on this day, when we came to this stand in which was just one local East Ender, Shri Mataji, who is the most brilliant and perfect actress you can imagine, started quite unexpectedly to display some of these not inconsiderable talents.

She, the most supremely intelligent being that can ever have existed, started to act as if she were something else altogether… she pretended to be (& at this point I have to pull my ears for even saying this much)… she pretended to be a poor uneducated immigrant, confused and needing help, asking something or other from this man in the news-stand.
Really it was to show to myself… to this Nick, some sort of rather sinister unhealthy attitude that was lurking within him. Nick felt very embarrassed and uncomfortable indeed. Nick none-the-less should not in any way feel guilty that he was harbouring these particular entities… but rather he should feel supremely grateful that Shri Mataji was bringing these rather unsavoury things into the light of day… so that he could be aware of them, and hopefully deal with them – a much more positive & healthy approach.

   So then we left the news-stand and continued walking round the next corner, where we found a drunk man lying on the ground, round whom we had to find our way.

  The next thing that happened showed Nick something that astonished him… and probably did something similar to a lorry driver who was hurtling round the corner at high speed, when he was faced with a ‘madman’ intent on ‘taking on’ the driver and his lorry, rather than give way, and run away from being run down.
As we had been crossing the road, there was the sound of the screech of brakes as a lorry tried to stop, and Shri Mataji, the amazing actress that She is, ran out of the way, to get back onto the pavement. At the same time Nick, without thinking, spun around really angry that someone should make Shri Mataji run for safety, to face the oncoming lorry as if to fight it and defend our Beloved Mother. Quite irrational… but there you are. No-one was hurt.

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