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Miracles and Other Stories

East Croydon Sahaja Yoga meeting
(The Burning Furnace within)

[With permission from Daisy Pereira and family 11th Feb 2012]

Approximately 4 or 5 years ago, when attending the East Croydon Sahaja Yoga meeting on a fairly regular basis, something quite remarkable happened. On one particular evening when entering the room it was immediately apparent that the room had been laid out in a very different way to normal, being rotated some 90 degrees, and thus changing the appearance completely. Even before entering the room it was clear that something was different... when one saw a great pile of shoes, outside the door.

It turned out that the meeting was being run by the 3 Pereira Yoginis, who each in turn stood up and conducted their section of the program, very successfully too it has to be said. It was a quite impressive evening... the program going very well indeed. At the end when we were all enjoying tea & biscuits, every one was milling around busily chatting to one another, rather like occurs regularly at the end of Flood St meetings. It was a little bit noisy... most everybody was standing and quite animatedly talking to one another, it seems discussing the very successful meeting we had just enjoyed. Then suddenly a voice... "would you like to close the program?" It was Manitu.

At this point Nick was enjoying just like everyone else. Instantly his attention was on 'alert': "Oh my God, with all this noise & activity going on, how was he going to get everyone's attention?" The next instant he went into what can only be described as 'full automatic mode'. He turned and moved to the front of the room, hands held high above his head clapping as loudly as he could, whilst again with voice as loud as he could muster, calling for everyone's attention. As he continued to speak, thanking everyone for coming etc... he was aware that everyone had stopped talking, and were now intent on listening. The room was now silent... yet Nick's voice continued bellowing out... at maximum decibels. A little awkwardly he adjusted the volume, and concluded with.. "& we hope to see you all next week."

Some minutes later, after everyone had returned to once more chatting to one other, again a voice was heard saying something like... "would you like to come and meet our mum.. she has said she would like to meet you." It was Cherry. So then he moved towards the front of the room once more.

As he approached, this slightly elderly lady stood up and turned round. The impression was of a very smartly turned out lady with immaculate appearance, as though she had just come from a beauty salon, her hair absolutely immaculate. Once again, he was in this sort of 'auto mode'... immediately she seemed to go into a sort of 'relief'... the only part remaining in sharp focus were the two perfectly circular, round holes, that were her eyes. Nick found himself looking through these two holes, inside of her. There he saw what appeared to be a furnace burning... he could see these flames burning. He was stunned, speechless.

In a talk in Australia, The need to go deeper, Sydney, Australia 6th May 1987, Shri Mataji describes the Kundalini as looking like a furnace, and is a good thing to see.

We just stood there... looking at each other... in perfect silence... not speaking at all... just transfixed by the experience... which must have been mutual... until the moment was broken by a mumbled and slightly confused 'hope to meet you again' or some such thing, from Nick as he moved away. Nick was absolutely stunned.

After that, he hoped and looked forward to meeting her again, wishing to this time actually speak with her and compare notes. Sadly it never happened. Our paths never crossed again, even though he continued for some while to attend the East Croydon meetings. She must have been a very great soul, a very special person indeed.

Hi Nick,

It was lovely to read your experience, if mum was still here, I'm sure she would have liked to have read it too. My sister Cherry said "I remember it so well, as mum expressed afterwards she was quite excited and said what a lovely man Nick was" .

Its fine, and we are all happy with it.

With love
Daisy & Family

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