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Clearing Big Time with Flame on Left Side

Throughout his journey through Sahaja Yoga, Nick has often used in various forms the Flame, often in conjunction with mantras, or reading a certain type of book often associated with one of the Deities on the left side channel.
Shri Agni, the Deity of fire is one of his favourites, as you can so often quite easily see the effects quite clearly.

Whilst in Brahman Court, the flame of the candle grew to quite enormous proportions as he said various mantras, or when reading the Devi Mahatmyam, whilst the candle is placed on the table top in a candle holder, in front of Mother's Photograph. Shri Agni Devata, or Sarva Asura Mardini mantras are particularly useful too. Also reading Milton by William Blake is equally effective.

You may choose to use camphor in place of the candle, as long as it is only used on the left side channel. One other method is to use the flame, sited on the right, but in this case we clear the right side not directly with the
flame, but indirectly by putting the left hand for example on the hot liver, and pointing the right hand at the flame. In this case the extra heat from the right side nabhi, or liver is extracted by the left hand and flows out of the right
hand into the flame.

Jai Shri Mataji

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