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Chelsham Road building work

During the very first few weeks and months in Sahaja Yoga, there was much building work going on, renovating the run down and dilapidated condition of the old building to make it habitable and usable as the main Ashram for Sahaja Yoga in London.

One of the very early tasks was to enlarge the Meditation Room from its current very small size, practically tripling the space that was available for collective meditations. So to start this off a trench was dug the complete width of the back garden, fairly deep and concrete poured into it to construct a foundation upon which the new rear wall could be built. By the time we were ready to pour the concrete, it was already dark. There were no extra lights available to help us, and we had at that time no spirit levels or other aids to make the task any easier. However we continued to work into the night, and managed as best we could, leaning down into the trench and manhandling the concrete, spreading it as best we could, until we packed up for the night. The truly amazing thing was that in the following morning we were very surprised to say the least when we found that the result of our labours was a perfectly level and usable foundation on which to begin our building work.

There were many other areas that were receiving attention as the building came in for some quite extensive alterations, repairs and improvements. A very long split in the front wall, that reached right up to the guttering from ground level was another. Various leaks also had to be dealt with, and some flooding in the basement too.

There were many examples of how the Divine was protecting us from some quite dangerous situations that tended in the earlier days to crop up from time to time. But we can safely say that during all this hectic activity, absolutely no-one was hurt or in any way injured.

Jai Shri Mataji

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