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The ‘Chain-mail’ Limes

During his 2nd marriage, they were driving across Europe for some reason... which he can't remember, and doesn't really matter anyhow. But the interesting thing that happened was what happened to a lime that was being carried with them for the journey. Nick always made a point of selecting the most perfect fruits when he was selecting limes for Sahaj work of any kind. So these limes were perfect... green... shiny and spotless and fresh too. He carried them usually in his left trouser pocket, but also in the jacket pocket too on occasions.

They were travelling actually across Europe, so would have been crossing those areas affected by the 'prison of war' camps that were dotted here and there. At the end of the first day, we stopped and stayed overnight at some sort of lodging place, and continued the next day.

Whilst there we happened to notice the very remarkable pattern that had formed on the limes we were carrying. The limes were still perfectly green and shiny except for the chain-mail pattern that had formed all over the lime... formed in such a way that there were NO loose ends anywhere at all. The pattern was like a honeycomb pattern and every link was connected in both directions so that the resulting mesh was absolutely perfect and complete with no broken or loose ends at all - no doubt linked to the Prison-of-war camps that were previously in that area.

Jai Shri Mataji

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