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The Disrespectful Man in gym at Hammersmith

For a while this Nick used to attend a simple, Hospital-linked local gym for some cardiovascular exercises to help regain and maintain his physical fitness. Whilst attending this circuit training regime on a weekly basis, he became quite fit, and in fact gained a position quite near the top of the class in physical fitness terms, easily running round the gym and taking part in the various exercises that were laid out for us all to take part in.

He had been attending for some years, and was a regular participant. On one occasion, he was partnered with 2 other men, who he was acquainted with. One of these men was a little larger than Nick, and we used to get on well together normally, but on this occasion, this man was a little disrespectful towards Nick. So Nick's response was to turn to the 3rd man, whilst reaching out with his left hand and gripping quite loosely the wrist of this bigger man, and joking with him saying what are we going to do with this man. He held him very loosely, not tight or with a strong grip. But as this big man was moving past Nick, he was suddenly held back by 'what must have felt like a vice like grip'... almost jerked off his feet, like he had been caught up by some belt or wrist band that had caught onto some piece of fixed equipment that he had been passing & got hooked onto.

The surprise was evident on both faces at what seemed incredible strength. He was a little more respectful to Nick after that.

Jai Shri Mataji

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