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Protection at
Brompton Square Residence

Shri Mataji has lived in very many different residences during Her Stay here in England, all of them in and around London, starting with Her Arrival in the early '70s. When Nick arrived (in 1980) She was already staying at Her Ashley Gardens Residence in Victoria, but after that She very soon moved to Brompton Square, near to Harrods.

The house was very large, and was completely redecorated and in parts was rebuilt internally moving for example the main staircase, to inline with the entrance. The total transformation was colossal.

The builder who was working there was not a Sahaja Yogi, and was at the time working on the basement under-floor heating that was being installed. Shri Mataji had instructed this Nick to watch what this builder was doing and to ensure that the appropriate lagging was used before the concrete was laid. So this Nick saw that what was being done was not correct... and so he spoke up. The builder's reaction was to start to launch himself at Nick, but then as Nick looked up at him, he must have seen something as he looked at Nick's eyes, and immediately aborted his attack. So an example of Divine Protection afforded to Sahaja Yogis when in need.

Jai Shri Mataji

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