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Broken Down on trip across France at placed called VWAD

There was a time when we were driving across France in a rented Minibus hired for the trip. We were travelling to another country on eastern flank of France, but the story related here occurred before we had even completed the very first day of the trip.

We had hired the minibus in England & had been assured that all was A-ok. It was not very long into the trip before we had noticed that all was not well. We would have been batter off if we'd immediately turned round and gone back for a replacement minibus.... but hey ho... we did not - and that was still half way to Dover.

We managed to cross the channel and started off driving well into France. The bus was playing up... the fuel was intermittent... we were struggling... but still we kept going. On and on we went, moving slower and slower... til eventually we stopped completely. We all piled out onto the road side... and somehow luck was still with us, as we saw an emergency phone-box... by some filling station, which we used. Thank goodness we had international breakdown cover to call upon. While we were there waiting for the assistance to arrive, we were highly amused to discover when we enquired at the desk, where all were, what was the name of the place, and were told it was called Vwad... so again asking them to write it down for us... we were astonished that we had broken down at a place called VOID. HA ha... we'd broken down in the middle of the Void!

The upshot of all this was that the emergency rescue team ended up removing our oil filter, which remained like that til we returned once again to the UK.

Jai Shri Mataji

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