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SY Brits driving in Europe

       Miracles are so common in Sahaja Yoga… it’s truly quite incredible… many are the stories some of which contain themselves many separate individual and quite distinctly different miracles. So although we have not counted them all up, there must be quite a large number indeed. And if they are not written down immediately, the danger is they will tend to be overlooked or forgotten.

       So here is another, where we cannot remember the date or even the precise details of the occasion, but nevertheless that which happened was unforgettable.

       Nick was driving across France to go to some Puja somewhere in Europe, and he was I think in Paris or somewhere. Anyway we were crossing a very large open space with no defined passageways like traffic lanes marked on the tarmac surface. About half way across, we encountered a string of traffic, consisting of 3 lines of vehicles all driving along at fairly high speed, all very close together, like nose to tail, but also sideways very close together… just like a column of ants foraging in the jungle. They were like a regimented compact column as if held together by some invisible force, moving quite speedily, with virtually no breaks or gaps in this column. They were travelling almost at right angles to our direction of travel. We were just approaching this formation, not thinking about anything, and not realising it posed a potential problem to ourselves and to our onward progress, when something very unexpected happened which thoroughly saved the day so to speak for us.

       We had been driving along without a care in the world, apparently alone, in an otherwise apparently deserted but very large empty square, when another vehicle appeared coming up on our left, passing us at high speed and ramming into this column of vehicles that was impeding our progress. This vehicle screeched to a halt just short of the column, which also itself suddenly stopped. He then suddenly accelerated forward again, ramming the 2nd line of vehicles which responded likewise, only to repeat the whole process once more. We on the other hand, quite unfazed by this whole drama, just continued, cruising leisurely through at a constant unbroken speed, in his wake.

       Without Shri Mataji’s Protection, we would undoubtedly still be there.

       Jai Shri Mataji.

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