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The Bluebottle intruder

There was a time long ago in the days when we were all used to going to Caxton Hall to hear Shri Mataji speaking on a variety of subjects, and when Shri Mataji lived quite close by, in fact on the opposite side of Victoria St., in an apartment at Ashley Gardens, opposite the cathedral at Westminster. We all used to visit quite often, and on one particular day when we were all seated facing Her, in Her Presence, we became aware of a very loud noise made by a blowfly suddenly flying around behind us.

Interestingly, Mother straight away focused Her Attention on the source of this noise, pointing Her, I believe it was Her Right Index Finger at this intruder for just a few seconds... and lo & behold this bluebottle was never seen or heard of again.

Jai Shri Mataji

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