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The nervous Managing Director

When working for an International Transport Company based in South Harrow, this Nick decided that it might be a good idea to run a meditation group in the lunch hour maybe on the business premises. So he decided on his strategy to go and ask permission from the Managing Director. It first meant approaching his Secretary to ask an appointment for interview, and then the follow up, the actual interview.

When the time came, it was a walk over... the Managing Director was uncharacteristically very nervous indeed during the short interview, and simply agreed to his use of the conference room for this purpose.

Whilst this did not lead to anything itself developing along the lines envisaged, i.e. no one came to join in with the meditation that was going on, there were nevertheless some interesting incidents that occurred there.

One of these incidents occurred when Nick was talking casually to a work colleague. Suddenly the door opened, and in strode another colleague, who it was clear was intent on confronting the man talking to Nick, and sorting him out. As this new man who had just entered, caught sight of Nick, he quickly changed his mind, turned round and left the office once more, without saying or doing anything.

Another occasion involved two men, also work colleagues, who were chummy with each other. Nick had made no secret about his practising Sahaja Yoga, so everyone knew what he was doing. These two were particularly disrespectful, and did not hide it. Nick told them to be careful. Some days passed. Then he was approached by them again when they told him what had happened. It seems that these two had been together somewhere and had concealed the fact that they were married, from the girls that they were with. When they got back to their cars, they found that they both had been broken into... and that they both had had their wedding rings stolen. This Nick turned to look at them both, and said, with meaning... and what have you two been up to! At that... they fled.

Jai Shri Mataji

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