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Nick's visit to Belapur, for 2 weeks Mar-Apr 2013

   In March 2013, Nick found himself on board an aircraft bound for Bombay, India. He had not been to India for quite some time, and in fact had not travelled overseas at all for some years because his passport had run out some years back.

   By Dec 2012 he had just completed his treatment for a large tumour of the bladder, the details of which are told elsewhere in another story, entitled “Miracle of Life after Cancer”. He was indeed by then again feeling well, but due to a very strong ‘persuasive force’ coming from a good friend, Jim, who was adamant that he Nick should go to the Sahaja Hospital, Belapur in order to completely clear out any vestiges, or traces of the cancer, he agreed to go there.

   During the final period of his 8-month treatment, he had become just a little weak, and had become somewhat left sided and a little emotional… so that this became for him his main reason for travelling to Belapur, rather than the cancer itself. He actually needed a little help controlling this, so that he could board the plane and travel to India.

   The trip was uneventful, but he was amazed that his arrival at Bombay was something else. As he disembarked from the aircraft, and went through the various formalities, he felt suddenly so much lighter… even before actually starting, and then later on, for the duration of the entire taxi ride to the hospital at Belapur. It seemed that the tremendous weight that he had unwittingly been carrying on his shoulders was suddenly lifted from him. He was so much enjoying the taxi journey, chatting quite animatedly with the driver. We arrived around 4.30 am, and nick was led to his room on the upper level, in the old part of the building.

   As there was a meditation starting on the lawn for some of the early risers, he joined in before finally retiring for a rest after his long trip.

   Nick had been to Belapur on 2 occasions before, so it was somehow familiar to him, for this his 3rd visit. However, things were being run very differently indeed. It was very busy, and there were many people there… the whole of the top floor was taken up with Russian Yogis, with down below mostly Chinese.

   At first he had some difficulty locating any English-speaking Yogis… and strangely, for the 1st three days, he had difficulties, not talking very much to anyone. He felt totally at a loss… unable to relate to anything going on around him. He had not been introduced, to the system or the program that was going on around him – he felt at this point just like a fish out of water… & he started to wonder whether he would be able to live with it… to tolerate it. Nick meditated and prayed to Shri Mataji… why is all this happening? Then, things changed, quite abruptly after the 3rd day… Nick decided he had to start talking to somebody… so he approached someone he did not know, and just started talking… and after that things changed completely.

   He started looking around him… wherever he was, whether on the lawn… or in the meditation room, or wherever. Things were very different indeed, the way things were done, the way things were happening, and indeed just about everything that was going on. He found that at first he was being given so much to do… so many mantras… it just felt like there was practically nothing else but that. He then started wondering… what was going on here… why was he in fact there at all… he was feeling quite well… not unwell at all… not ill… he was feeling quite light… why was he there… what was it all about… what was going on?

   Nick was keeping a detailed diary, all the way through… and on a number of occasions, he wrote entries like ‘what am I doing here… why am I here’… it seemed as though he could not understand why in fact he had come all this way from London. Then as he looked around, and saw the strange things that were happening… almost everywhere, it suddenly dawned on him… that ‘could it just be that maybe he had been brought for a reason’. Maybe Shri Mataji as Mahamaya had been playing Her Maya in such a way that Nick had been brought to see what was going on… and to note it down… and to eventually give the feedback to those who were running and were ultimately responsible for the hospital. This was in fact a fairly strong aspect of Nick’s character. There were many unusual things happening. Nick started noting them all down in his diary… in quite brief notes… but which eventually filled 6 pages of A5 sized paper. He added his name and room No., so there was no anonymity involved.

   At the middle of the 2nd week, he stopped adding items to the list. He then went to the reception, where he was on good, friendly terms with ladies working there. He tore the 6 pages out from his diary, stapled them together, and handed them in, asking that they be given to whoever was responsible, and who would read the notes and take whatever action that it was deemed needed to be taken… for the benefit of all those who were yet to come for treatment there in the future. All the observations were made in a gentle and objective & detached way… not in any critical fashion. The receptionist said she would give the notes to the senior doctor there, which seemed the appropriate thing to do. Nick did not know for sure who that might be, but he was content to totally ‘release’ the whole situation to the Divine, and to the management, whoever they might be. He kept no copy of the notes for himself… and released it all to the Divine… to take it on from there… in whatever way the Divine wished… if that indeed was what had to be done… if that was the Will of the Divine to do… or not, as the case may be.

   He returned to his room, half expecting to be called at some point, perhaps a little later on, to discuss his “suggestions”… in the days that followed, but nobody at all called him during the rest of his stay. One item was immediately acted upon, but only one… the comment that the marble floors of the veranda were when wet, extremely dangerous… extremely slippery, like walking or even running on a sheet of invisible ice. The next day, a whole series of notices appeared all along the walls, warning to take care when the floors were wet. Apart from that, there appeared to be no other action taken.

   Some of the other comments included things like: A very large proportion of people there were seen, during the collective footsoaks, working on their right sides with their right hands. This is of course incorrect, as we should use the left hand in such cases… to achieve a balancing effect. With the use of right hand to work on right side, we only add to the imbalance. The mistake appears to originate with some early Sahaja Yoga books, showing in photographs the right hand being used.
(See the article headed “Working on the right side, with the right hand” under
”Myths, Fallacies & Misconceptions in Sahaja Yoga – the Pitfalls” in the SahajVidya Educational website – The Final Culminating Point).

   Another odd thing was that use was not made of the charts and drawings made by Shri Mataji Herself of for example the position of the chakras on the head. Instead, the charts used were standard non-sahaj materials taken from non-sahaj publications, or even possibly from some maybe sahaj books that had themselves taken their information from non-sahaj sources. Here it should be noted where the Swadisthan is located… around the Mooladhara at the back of the head, according to Shri Mataji, not in 2 separate locations at each side of the head, as depicted on the charts that they were giving out.

   Many other suggestions were in fact made, that would surely help improve the experience in the future for visiting Sahaja Yogis from around the world. It is hoped by now that they will also have been considered for change and improvement. Six months have by now gone by. [At the present time, of revising and posting this article, it is now 18 months, so that some more changes might very well, and hopefully should possibly by now have also been implemented].

   These things are not commented on just because they were seen at Belapur only… as they in fact are also seen in many other & different parts of the world also… and they too are in quite urgent need of being corrected. Many similar observations have been noted elsewhere… and in some quite surprising places… such as in some countries that should be much better aware, such as here in the UK, where Shri Mataji has spent so much of Her time, in the early years.

   Care and attention in some cases was significantly somewhat short in supply… in areas like the poor quality of the public address system… or perhaps a little more worryingly, in the treatments area, where the monitoring of the patient was a little less than ideal. (The Miracle of Nick's whole trip to Belapur, arranged by Shri Mahamaya to investigate & report on what was happening at the hospital, and to give it to the proper authorities, i.e. to the Management of the hospital itself)

   After all this that has been said, the experience at Belapur is none the less second to none. Miracles do happen there. This Nick has witnessed more than a few. During the 2nd Sunday, there was a Puja. Towards the end Nick experienced a miracle as he was offering flowers to Shri Mataji. He was given by one of the Pujaris, a quite large amount of flowers, mainly Jasmine flowers. These Nick held in cupped hands, as he offered them to Shri Mataji. Then as he parted his hands, letting the flowers fall gently between them, onto those that were already there, they formed a carpet of white, with one single red rose that had fallen right in the centre – Nick’s eyes opened wide in wonder. As he was looking at the flowers as they had fallen, something quite miraculous happened. At first, the rose had fallen on its side. Then, as Nick pulled his hands back, and sat more upright, the red rose suddenly moved… as if an invisible hand had picked it up, & righted it and nestled it back right in the centre of the white expanse of Jasmine flowers. Nick was astonished. (Miracle: unseen hand righting the Rose)

   He could not avoid the conclusion that maybe this was in some way a sort of omen, a confirmation that what he was then currently considering doing, in offering the ‘comments or notes’ to the management, was a good or correct... in fact the proper (and appropriate) thing to do. (Miracle: brought to Belapur to observe and produce Report for feedback to management of Hospital)

   Later that same day, he also witnessed the power of the bandhan. It was evening, and he was talking to a Chinese girl about possibly transferring a copy of the SahajVidya website onto her Chinese system, which was not really compatible with Nick’s Windows PC. They were wanting to possibly download an ‘app’ from the web, to assist with this, but were having difficulty. So Nick went off in search of an Australian Sahaja Yogi who was an IT expert. When he found him, he was engaged in a long distance telephone conversation. So he indicated that we needed to speak to him as soon as he was free, and went back to the Chinese girl.
After a while, time was getting late, so they decided maybe it was time to retire to their respective rooms. But they would just give a last minute bandhan to this Sahaja Yogi. A
few seconds only later, this Sahaja Yogi appeared around the corner, and walked over to where we were. He announced to our surprise… that he had just been cut off. Of course we had a few giggles about this – he joked that he would be very wary of any of our bandhans in future! (Miracle of Bandhan)

   And also there was another spectacular event, a magical musical evening, by a group of visiting neighbouring Sahaja Yogis from somewhere near to Pune I believe. Nick had just returned from a shopping expedition to find a musical program in progress. As the meditation room was already full, he sat down cross-legged, on the marble veranda to listen. There were various items in the program, mostly familiar ones, but also one which he had never heard before… a sort of Jugalbandhi between a male and a female vocalist, who he could not see, from where he was. His Kundalini came up so very high… he was hearing the music high above his head – so much joy… this was one of the most joyful musical experiences he had ever had. When he later met the lady who had been singing he found she had long hair that fell all the way down to the ground, when she was seated there, receiving the caring attention of her adopted mum.

   And during a much earlier visit to Belapur, he witnessed an amazing miracle, where the skin, broken quite badly by a fall on the step of the wet marble veranda, as the husband of a patient who was staying there, departed at the end of the day, and fell and split quite badly the skin under his chin. It was hanging in several quite large flaps… but it got healed in a very short space of time. It was healed so rapidly in just a few days, appearing to be no more than a small hole, less than the size of the end of his little finger, just before this Nick was due to leave next day for his return to the UK.
Miracle of
(Miracle of very badly skinned under chin, healed rapidly in just a few days)

   The people and all the staff there are extremely nice people, and the cures, the general improvements in the health of the patients is very clearly genuine… but some quite small improvements can still be made… and this Nick felt after a lot of initial soul searching, that maybe one of the main reasons why he had been sent there was to observe… and feed back into the system some vitally needed observations, for general improvements. Hopefully if they are noted and implemented, they will be effective, for the benefit of all. To repeat… Nick got on extremely well with absolutely everyone there… all the resident staff… all the doctors… all the local Indian staff too, and with the other patients and Sahaja Yogis too… right from the start, until the last day of his visit.

   One final memory that he has is of an Indian lady approaching him one day, as we were entering the meditation room, saying something like… “It was quite warm here today, don’t you think so”? Nick thought for just a moment, and as he was right then actually feeling a very cool breeze blowing round his body, inside his kurta & inside his vest, he replied… “Yes I suppose it was just a little, if you were sitting outside in the Sun, but right now, it’s very cool, must be because I'm looking at you”. He then asked someone, who was that? The reply was: That was Dr Rai. Apparently there were two Doctors, both were Dr Rai, husband and wife. This was the wife. Her Vibrations were excellent.

   Towards the end, Nick decided to stop all treatments, in fact with still just 2 days to go. When asked why… he said, so that he could just settle himself down & prepare himself for his return to the UK. Then he started to feel his normally accustomed state of Joy once again, really for the first time since his arrival… & which lasted for the remaining 2 days. He travelled back on the plane to Heathrow in excellent spirits, in very pleasant company… in a seemingly very short space of time.

   The overall lesson for Nick whilst at Belapur, seemed to be… to do all the techniques that he was given to do… that he was expected to do, but in addition, once they were all done, to do his own thing… which meant for him resorting to the “Effortlessness” style of meditation, and surrendering yet again… to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

   Since that time, his recovery has been truly remarkable… and which continues to this day. Thank you all… and thank You Shri Mataji.

   Jai Shri Nirmala Devi

   Postscript : This account is written and offered in good heart… to those who are doing such a good job at Belapur. It is not intended to be critical or negative in nature… not intended to be destructive… but on the contrary, to be a positive Feedback, to enable an outside view to be considered, that should enable the Hospital to move onwards and upwards to higher and higher goals, that all may benefit from their future stays there, as this Nick surely did… and of course to the never ending Glory of our most Holy and Gracious Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,

   Without whom this whole miracle of Belapur would not even be possible

   Jai Shri Nirmala Devi Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Sakshat Shri Parabrahma Namoh Namaha

xxxCurrent update (15th Nov 2014 – Nick’s health goes from strength to strength. He has been given the all clear. His next check up is scheduled for Sep 2015, i.e. after a 12 months interval)
xx Latest update (14th Jan 2016 - His scheduled Sep 2015 check-up was somehow missed, or forgotten seemingly by the Hospital, so Nick decided to call into the Hospital to see if he could get things on course once again for a current assessment of his status re the cancer... whether it was still there or not. He needn't have worried. Everything is still 'on course' and he has his next scan booked for 3rd March 2016.) So once again... what can one say... except... JAI JAI JAI SHRI MATAJI - What a Marvellous, Amazing Mother we all have to be sure!

And just a last final update, now on 7th July 2016, this Nick has most recently been advised that his cancer problem is still 'All Clear' and his next check is to be May 2017 - WOW!

Since his return to the UK, this Nick has been occupied practically continuously with the overhaul and rebuild of the Sahajvidya.org.uk Website which is now nearing completion. There have been several testing moments along the way, which are told elsewhere, and which seem to be leading this Nick into other directions (but still within Sahaj) - so the story still continues... but the final chapter feels now not so far off as it has felt on may occasions, very often before. Latest news is that he, Nick, is now expecting to very soon now be discharged, cure completed - again Jai Shri Mataji! - June 2018

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