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Summoned to Leader's Office
to speak with Mother on overseas phone call

There was another occasion many years back when for some reason, Nick was busying himself very much with trying to make arrangements for a Public Hall Meeting in the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington. We so far had always used what you might call normal sized halls, but this was something quite different. He had been involved for some time already
when it became clear that the other Sahaja Yogis were not behind him in this effort, and he was told to stop.

Reluctantly he accepted, and the idea was abandoned for the time being. Later on he was told that Shri Mataji wanted to speak with him on the phone at our then Leader's office, so he was summoned to go over there and await the call. When he arrived there were two Sahaja Yogis there, and they were present when the call came through.
Little did he know at the time that the call was being recorded so the others would be able to replay and listen to it later.

The call was not over long, & Shri Mataji started by saying something like... You are looking fine... or you are looking very well... (remember that this call was on an ordinary telephone line, with no video facilities)... Thank you Mother... was his reply. Then after a few short exchanges, Mother asked him... "And where is the Meeting that is being arranged?" To this Nick could only say...
"You will have to ask Gavin that Mother" - He had in fact been told to stop by Gavin, so he himself was best placed to give his reply.

Then the call was over... so no reprimand from Shri Mataji. No apology either from Gavin, no explanation... but we did then embark on a series of Albert Hall Programs over the next few years.

Jai Shri Mataji

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