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Artistry in the Sky

There have been several occasions when on various trips connected with Sahaja Yoga, that a number of incredible things were seen, created if you like by Mother Nature, usually seen in the Sky.

On the occasion of Shri Krishna Puja in Schwarzsee, on 23rd Aug 1986 in Switzerland when the well known Photograph was taken that was used in successive Passports for Mother, and was the same Photo that was chosen for all visa applications, a number of images were seen in the sky. The most incredible one was undoubtedly the image of a lotus in colour, that was not of cloud material, or at least it appeared that way. If it is in the sky, it has to be some form of cloud doesn't it... but this was more like a picture... a 'painting' in fact. This Nick was outdoors obviously, and the sad thing was he was not carrying his camera, so missed the opportunity of a truly stunning picture.

On another occasion, during if memory serves correctly the same weekend, he also saw another startling thing, as he witnessed a bandhan forming from one horizon overhead, to the other horizon, formed not like a pencil line is drawn from one end to the other, but created from the sides, drawing the very thin hazy cloud cover from both sides very slowly in towards the centre, until it ended up as a single perfectly straight thin concentrated line from one horizon to the other. It was perfectly straight and very narrow, very thin, and as we all know a line from horizon to horizon overhead must be curved.

And one other that bears recounting was the again perfect swastika this time formed more obviously from cloud material, directly overhead in Cabella. Again, no camera available, and Nick was just struck dumb, so much so he could not call out for someone with a camera on hand.

Finally there was the occasion in the Uk, when they were all attending the occasion when Shri Mataji gave the talk on Shri Mahamaya, and we were all standing in the garden, when we became aware of the clouds opening out to form a perfectly circular opening filled with blue sky, and then across this blue sky a tiny ball of cotton-wool (a small individual cloud of course) slowly moved right across from one side to another.

Jai Shri Mataji

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