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Power of Limes to
Protect against Negativity

There was a period when Shri Mataji appeared regularly at public meetings arranged at the Albert Hall in London.

For these occasions, we hired a luton and filled it with Roses and other flowers to decorate the stage for our most gracious and beautiful Mother, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Of course the Albert Hall is used for numerous events of all kinds, not just for Sahaja Yoga. So one cannot expect the Vibrations to be always the best, even for the occasions when it is hired for our purposes. So we have to take precautions whenever we are hiring the hall.

There was one particular year towards the end of the period that we were doing it. We had filled the luton to capacity with so many flowers. There were quite a few Sahaja Yogis helping, when we got there, to unload the van and carry the many plant pots etc into the Albert Hall, onto the stage and to arrange them there.

The man left on the Luton was moving the plants and pots all towards the tail end of the van whilst others were doing the ferrying work. There was so much negativity there with the regular staff at the hall, that it was necessary to take precautions. Most of us carried limes that had been specially prepared in order to prevent this negativity from doing us any harm. They were specially purchased new, shiny, healthy limes which had been vibrated in front of Shri Mother's Photograph and were carried in our pockets as protection.

Nick who had been working on the Luton Van itself. experienced a lot of negativity. At the end, he jumped down from the van and hurried into the Albert Hall itself. He felt so much this negativity, that he had to run into the main part of the hall itself where all the Sahaja Yogis were congregated, and immerse himself in the crowd to get the maximum of protection.

Later after the event had finished, and they had reversed the whole procedure, and they had gotten home, and when he had the opportunity, he took the lime out of his pocket and was shocked to see that the original pure fresh shiny green colour had totally gone, and the lime was now a solid totally very dark brown colour. He quickly threw it into the WC and flushed it away, and replaced it with a new lime before retiring for the night. In the morning he inspected this new lime, and again was amazed to find
that this lime had, overnight, changed 50% to the same dark brown state, absorbing all the excess negativity that had overflowed the original lime protection.

So these limes are very powerful protection indeed, as witnessed on many occasions.

There was another occasion, when travelling across Europe, when he had again a fresh lime in
his pocket, and they stopped overnight somewhere in the region where there were several
Prisoner of War camps. On this occasion, the lime did not go brown, but it instead
became totally covered in chain link in a sort of honey comb pattern - no broken or loose links anywhere, all links joined up properly, to the next in a completely continuous pattern.

Jai Shri Mataji

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