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Little Struggle and then Age dropped suddenly from 55 to 30

During one of the 3 marriages, that this Nick experienced, his then wife had quite many bhoots, which showed itself by virtue of her seemingly constantly changing appearance. Depending on which was in residence at the time, so her apparent age would change sometimes dramatically. When we first met, she appeared to be an old lady of around 75 - 85 years of age. Yet when we arrived at her pad, we sat down in front of the Photograph, to meditate upon which her age suddenly changed to that of a 30 year old... unbelievable.

Then when we came to England, we lived in Nick's present flat, and on one day there, they were in the bathroom when there was a little struggle, and suddenly her age again changed from approximately 55 to just 30 again.

On another occasion this Nick turned round for some reason, and her appearance was that of a real beauty, like he had not previously seen. So these different entities were showing their different ages, which made life somehow a bit more interesting.

Jai Shri Mataji

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