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4 year old Alex & 'D'ommy the Penguin

   Now one final thing that needs describing, during the period of Shri Mataji's visit to the UK in 2006, & which involved a small family of visiting Sahaja Yogis, namely Tamara and her 3 children. They were lovely kids, quite lively… just a joy to have. We all went one day to Chiswick Park at the back of Nick’s flat just to spend some time and enjoy ourselves. There was Rosie 7 years old, Isabel 6 and Alex 4 or thereabouts.  

   The quite small 4 year old Alex was completely taken with a rather beautiful toy that actually belonged to the Chiswick Park café, and had been provided for the visiting children to play with. He was completely besotted with it. It was called Tommy (but he couldn't quite handle the name & was constantly heard saying Dommy… Dommy… Dommy… Dommy… Dommy…) he would not let it go… as far as he was concerned, it was now his.

   It was a rather lovely colourful penguin toy. Tamara when she saw the reaction, said knowingly… well, you'll never get it away from him now, or something to that effect. Nick was just a little bit alarmed… he wasn't really happy with the idea that we might just walk off with it… but he did not know, or even have any idea of what we might be able to do about it, so what happened next is rather charming and endearing… and shows just how beautifully Shri Mataji works things out.

   As Nick learned how Alex was now completely ‘in love’ with this Tommy, the toy Penguin, & he realised that there might be some difficulty, eventually separating them, he started doing some things that were somehow not really him doing it… but where the actions performed were somehow in ‘Auto mode’. A number of things started to happen, over which he himself, although it was he who was the instrument that was used if you like in the actions, he was none the less not the 'doer'!

   Sometimes, it seems and feels that the Divine is in control, of even your own movements – it is not you doing it… it is the Divine who is doing it… even though it’s your own muscles that are being used… it’s quite strange. You end up doing some ‘almost involuntary' movements or actions, or even speaking or saying some things that you yourself did not intend at all.

    So at this point Nick just hoisted Alex up off the ground, putting him on his shoulders, and taking the toy and putting it into a carrier bag, saying “it’s ok… he (the toy penguin) will be safe in here”… and then also… “come on… lets go for a horse-back ride” or some such thing. Then he turned, and moved into an area of slightly low hanging but quite small branches, saying “mind your head… mind your head”… and continued for just a few seconds to move like this… just to take Alex’s attention away from the toy, up towards his head. Then we emerged… and just continued with the 'horse-back' ride for Alex… along the pathway we were travelling along, which eventually led to the gate at the exit to the park. Now all this has been quite difficult to narrate in any meaningful way, in such a way as to convey what was really happening. Nick was not the author really of these actions, but somehow understood what was happening, even as it was all happening.

    Just before passing through the gate, Nick lobbed the carrier bag with toy behind the wall, hoping that no one saw him do it. He then put Alex down again on the ground, intending to go back, retrieve the toy and take it back to the café. As he did, he knew he had to give Tamara the keys to get back into his flat, & he also was aware that Alex might start missing ‘his’ toy again. So again, another spontaneous ‘auto mode’ action occurred. Nick turned to Tamara, brought out his bunch of keys, which he fully intended giving to Tamara - but that’s not what happened.
    As he brought out the bunch of keys, instead of his hand being extended towards Tamara, it was instead thrust sideways straight at Alex… a jingling shiny big bunch of keys… that would surely distract the attention of a small 4 year old, long enough to get them all home… saying ‘here you look after these keys so mummy can open the door when you all get home. You can imagine a little 4 year old boy with a big big bunch of shiny... jingling keys...

    So then, he made an appropriate excuse, of returning to search for something that we had lost... re-entered the park and returned the penguin to the café, explained a little of what had happened… and asked them if he could buy the toy from them. The owners unfortunately declined his offer to buy it from them, so we would not then be able to take it back & give it to Alex… but hey… never mind… entirely by Shri Mataji's Grace…
x x x x x x x.... we have… mission accomplished.

    At home after all that… Alex seemed completely unfazed by the whole experience… no tears,
no tantrums… no fuss whatsoever… Jai Shri Mataji…

    I hope Alex, when he’s grown a little bigger, and learns the full story, will forgive this little innocent subterfuge... he.. he.. he.. chuckle... chuckle...

   And Tamara… well I guess she had to somehow find a way to get back those keys from young Alex… chuckle, chuckle… which she somehow seemed to have done without any untoward problems… maybe one day Nick will learn what happened on that front… forgive the little giggles…


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