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Month Indian Tours

At the beginning, the Indian Tours that were run in Maharashtra, were for 2 months.
They continued like this for quite some time, until at some point they were shortened to tours of 1 month only.

The tours were run using a fleet of single decker buses to transport Sahaja Yogis who came from
all parts of the world, to take part in a tour of the state of Maharashtra. Some Yogis took part
in the first month while some chose the second, whilst a lucky few managed to stay for the full 2 months.

On one such tour, Nick was booked for the full 2 months. When the half way point was reached, the first set
were preparing to leave. Then the lucky few who were to stay on, prepared to meet 'old friends' from
home as they arrived to join the tour.

Nick who had been unaware of any changes that might have already taken place, was as surprised as anyone,
and maybe more than most, at what he saw immediately some of his old Sahaja Yogi brothers arrived.

He remembers well his meeting with one such, who he knew quite well from London. He went up to him to say hello.
His response quite shook this Nick.
He greeted him by turning away & saying something like 'wait a minute while I say something else to someone else...'

This Nick who had just completed his first month, was much more relaxed, and had no thoughts in his head,
just turned away and put his attention elsewhere... and just walked off.
Several minutes later, this yogi reappeared and came to Nick... what was it you wanted to say?

Nick's response was... 'Nothing... just wanted to say hello that's all'

The old conditioning was still quite strong in the newly arrived Yogi, whilst it had been at least
temporarily completely removed from the one who had already completed his first half tour.

The amount of negativity that is removed just by being on the Sahaja
Yoga Indian tour
has to be experienced to be believed.
Jai Shri Mataji

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