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2016 Ideal Home Show

Following on from what has been related at the 2015 Navaratri Puja event, this Nick was again looking forward to joining in with his favourite pastime of giving Realisation to all the Seekers at this years Main Event of the year, at least for him, where we would be able to work on any number of new people at the biggest show of the year for all of us.

However it was not very long before he was again subjected to the same  prevailing forces that had taken hold of late, appearing to be again withdrawing this Nick, pulling him back from all that he held so dear. He was planning on attending this show for the duration, some 2 weeks at least, and making the most of it. However things did not work out that way.

He again felt the absence of the Heart Qualities, the qualities that should at the very least be there in abundance... but it seems were again in somewhat limited supply.
After a couple of days, he was struck by something entirely new to him, an experience he has not had for many a long year. Normally he is absolutely fluent whilst giving Realisation, but on this occasion... it was not so. he found that he was uncharacteristically very hesitant, a little uncertain, even faltering... unsure of himself. It was so obvious that things were not going as normal, and so he decided to stand back, and take stock. This was not normal at least for him, and in view of the also more recent events along the same lines that he had been experiencing, he decided that as there were quite a few other yogis there all working well, he would pull back, take no more active part in this show, and leave it all to those who were already there to continue.

Time alone will tell whether his understanding of these events will come true or not

Jai Shri Mataji

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