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Global Peace and Unity Event
1. Introduction

A contemporaneous account of the events that occurred on 25th and 26th October 2008. The details of all the events that occurred on that momentous weekend were recorded immediately that same weekend, and several e-mails were sent. Since then, they have all been brought together to create this fuller more continuous record. Some of the replies from those others who were there are also added for sake of completeness.


Another wonderful opportunity to give Self Realisation, and much needed support
for the Global Peace movement at the:

4th Annual Global Peace and Unity Event

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th October 2008
10am til 9pm each day

at the ExCeL Centre, London

Free passes arranged - phone 079 069 05929 on arrival.


 e-mail to Collective re the above:
A brief apology to those who are supporting the event at Earls Court
this weekend, but we must surely be sufficient in numbers to manage
to take on and support both Earls Court and the ExCel Centre...

Hopefully, every Sahaja Yogi and Sahaja Yogini will be motivated to
go along to at least one of these... The rewards are there for those
who go...
Will you be one of them?

We are going to need all your help... don't feel shy... please come
along and volunteer your help... hands, hearts... and cars... whatever...



2. The Event

Record of what transpired at the
Global Peace & Unity event on 25th & 26th Oct 2008
at the ExCel Centre, London, UK.

We Sahaja Yogis were it seemed just about the only non-Muslims there for the entire event, in a very large hall, filled with Muslims of all ages. When we arrived and after we had set up, we still actually had no official passes for ourselves or for anyone else who might still be coming. Little did we know it, but we did not have to worry, because somehow things were arranged (surprise… surprise…) by our Divine Holy Mother, such that we were visited by no less than 3 or even 4 different members of the Event Staff, who each in turn thrust into our hands a bunch of passes. So we ended up with around 14 or so passes, (we had been told we could have only 3), which we promptly pooled for Collective use, as and when required. This then was to be the 'tone' of everything else that was to follow… a truly miraculous and memorable 2 days!

The first day was perhaps the more normal of the 2 days, which was none-the-less, a long day, running from the 10am opening time til closing at 9pm – so for some of us, a 12 hour day at least. The second day was the really special day, with so many very special miracles, but which ended earlier than expected at around 5pm.

There was nothing 'normal' about this event. Some of us were a little nervous, maybe even unnerved by the events that took place, but in truth, if you were at all aware of what was happening, it was absolutely amazing and wonderful… thanks to our wonderful and all gracious, and all powerful Divine Mother.

The days started with people coming to our stall in waves. Some times the seats were all full, as Muslims sat down for their meditation… and at other times all the seats were empty. Somebody then mentioned that the security guys were watching us… and it seemed as if… they were there watching us when the seats were empty… yet 'somewhere else' when the seats were full! We were overall quite busy. At times it seemed to get quite hot where we were working. Whenever that happened, all that was necessary was for just one of us to sit down to meditate – immediately it seemed, somebody (I leave you to guess exactly who) then switched on the air-conditioning… and so we could get up and continue working again. This happened time and time again… too much to be just coincidence.

We had the attention at varying times of some fundamentalists, who came along and tried to disturb whatever we were doing. One such was a middle aged Muslim lady, who objected to us doing anything with those who wanted to just sit and meditate. She was very awkward, and tried to pull people out of our stall. A Sahaja Yogi was telling her off, and it was in danger of getting out of hand. So Nick, seeing what was happening, just stepped between the Yogi and this lady… and then did absolutely nothing other than just stand there. He did not say anything... just stood his ground. As she moved this way or that to get round, he just matched her move, thus keeping her away from our stall… til she got fed up and wandered away muttering to herself.

A little later, there was a man, a little older than the lady. Nick was working on someone, when he saw a Sahaja Yogini at the font who was having trouble with a gentleman who was aggressively pushing his way past her and grabbing all the literature that he could get hold of. She looked embarrassed, and helpless… so Nick made a quick excuse, handing his 'charge' over to someone else, and went over to help. When he got there, he said to this man, in a sort of 'official sounding' tone… "Excuse me sir… would you mind stepping over here a moment please" – a bit like a regular British London 'bobby'! This man responded automatically, coming over to Nick, whereupon he, Nick, quickly and nimbly stepped between him and the stall. Then… amazingly… this man, though he tried absolutely everything he could to get past Nick to get back to the Altar with the literature… he could not! And equally amazingly, though this man was pushing for all he was worth, Nick felt not his even slightest touch. Nick again just stood his ground, with no effort at all, completely relaxed, all his muscles relaxed… saying and doing nothing! It was as if there was an invisible barrier between him and the man… that this man could not penetrate. No matter how much he tried, he could not reach this Nick. He eventually gave up and moved away.

It should be remembered that at all times during the course of all these events, Nick was simply the instrument that was used during all the events that are being described. He had no conscious participation in any of them, but was always finding himself being used in various ways… the way he was moving from this point in time to the next, not knowing what was about to happen… what he would do when he got there… how things would work out. There was no thought in his head, no awareness of what he would do, or say etc etc. On the normal, everyday mundane level, everything that happened, that is recounted here, was just… impossible!

So the event continued with no serious problems at all occurring. Each time the temperature around us increased, one of us would sit down and meditate, and lo and behold, somebody would switch on the air-conditioning once more! Jai Shri Mataji.

The second day was even more amazing. The pattern was similar to the previous day, people coming along in batches or waves, alternating with quiet spells. Still we were busy. Then Nick became aware that the event organiser, a young Muslim lady, the Business Development Manager (we will call her SH) was engaged in quite a long conversation with Chandran, a little distance behind us, and away from our stall. Nick was at that time quite happy to have Chandran continue to represent us in talks with her. We others at the back of our stall were briefly discussing the situation that was unfolding at the back. A small group of security men were standing a little apart, also at the back. A suggestion was made to Nick, that if they were going to ask us to close down and leave, we should ask for a full refund.

Then, at that point, Chandran came across and called Nick over, and briefly introduced him to this lady. At first he (Nick) said nothing, waiting for her to start the conversation, to see where we were at. She opened by very sweetly requesting us (almost begging us) to pack up and stop what we were doing, as she feared for our safety. Nick, realising what the situation then was, moved slightly towards her, and introducing himself, said to her as follows...

"Yes it was I who was the one who originally contacted your people, by phone speaking to Osamah, booking the event, arranging for the contract, and arranging for payment etc.

We have been aware that something was going on over here, but were happy at that stage to have Chandran continue to represent us in talking with you. We didn't know what you were saying, but we had perhaps a good idea... but we didn't want to interfere at that point.

Firstly you should know that all these people (indicating the Muslims sitting down in meditation) are all enjoying themselves, very much... every single one of them.

Just now, when we were discussing what was unfolding over here, the suggestion was made that... if you were wanting us to pack up, and go away... and, if you are prepared to offer us a refund... a fullcash refund... then... perhaps… we would be prepared... to consider... meeting with your request."

At that, she disappeared. Nick did not know where she was. Then he saw 2 very large security men who were seen moving close to our stand. They were very big guys, with broad backs. At that point Chandran suggested that we call Osamah, which we did on the mobile, asking him to come over, as it looked like we were going to be getting some sort of trouble.

Then Nick saw these 2 large security men standing very close to our stand, and in fact one of them was brushing against the corner post, with his right shoulder. They were both standing shoulder to shoulder, facing away (i.e. with backs towards us, and with no space in between them). At this, Nick immediately found himself moving over towards them, quite purposefully, and then somehow (only the Paramchaitanya knows precisely how) found himself finally standing between the 2 men, who had somehow been 'moved apart' making the necessary room... and only then seeing again this lady, the event organiser, who had been in conversation with them. This Nick at no time felt, or indeed made any physical contact, in order to make room between the 2 men... it was all at the Hand of the Divine Power that was working so strongly that day.

Nick then said, speaking to the 2 men... "it seems to me that this lady is under a great deal of pressure from you 2 guys. I need to know who is in charge here, is it you or is it this lady?" Again it was necessary to ask... "I need to know who is in charge here, is it you guys, or is it this lady?" Then a third time... "I need to know... who is the boss!"

By this time the lady had moved away slightly, and was beckoning me over... so I went over to her, saying to the security guys... "Just hold fire... hold fire... we can sort this out, very quickly" – in fact Nick had absolutely no idea at all how that was going to happen!

This lady was a very impressive lady ideed... most of the Sahaja Yogis later agreed on that... but she was visibly shaken, and at first mistook my rather sudden appearance between these 2 really big, hefty security types, who had quite suddenly been brushed aside, as if they were nothing more than a couple of match sticks - she said 'I thought you were not aggressive'. Nick looked around in surprise... looking first one way, then the other... for signs of some aggression somewhere, saying in his surprise... 'is somebody being aggressive?' She then looked quite unnerved, a little scared even, and immediately capitulated, blurting out..."we'll give you a full refund... we'll give you a full refund".

At this… this Nick responded… "ok... we will need a pen and paper" and then indicated to her to wait a moment. He then went over to the stall area, and saw there looming very large, waiting for him… on the altar right in the middle of the table area this pen. It sounds like any ordinary thing... but it was lying there as if it was specially placed there waiting to be picked up... like it was beckoning… come and get me!

Nick's attention then took in the whole scene in front of him. He saw these 3 rows of wooden fold up type of chairs, all empty, but in very neat rows side by side barring his way and touching each other it seemed – i.e. no spaces between any of them. Then he saw something like a 'fault line' or a 'fracture line', snaking it's way through the lines of chairs like when the ground splits in an earthquake… This line did not pass through any chair, but passed between adjacent touching chairs… As he became aware of this... his attention then transferred back to the pen, which seemed again to be large and beckoning... and then the truly amazing bit... it just felt like he was somehow lifted up… raised up… and then propelled forwards towards the pen… a bit like Shri Hanumana moves through the air. He arrived... picked up the pen, plus a sheet of paper (which had Mother's picture on it) and then returned back through/over the rows of chairs again, without once more touching or disturbing any of them... and then continued back to the lady who was waiting to write the refund agreement.

[ This episode is the main one needing some form of corroboration. There were several Sahaja Yogis at that time standing and watching what was going on. Can anyone say that they were 'aware' or 'alert' at this time... and can they describe what they recall... whether it confirms the above account or not.

Nick has had many such experiences over the years... but this is the first time that we have the opportunity, by virtue of there being so many people standing around, to corroborate the narrative. We may learn some very interesting facts about miracles in general... and maybe about this one in particular. ]

'SH' (the lady organiser) completed writing the refund document, and then we went back to the stall, issued the "ok you can start packing up now" to the Sahaja Yogis… and, asking over my shoulder "we will need some witnesses"… 5 of whom promptly fell into step. We all moved off, in what can only be described as "complete unanimity and singleness of purpose"... in a tight box formation, shoulder to shoulder, 3 abreast, in 2 close ranks... in a way that I have never witnessed in Sahaja Yoga before… or indeed since.

It was like all was swept away before us, as we marched along behind the organisers towards the concourse for the signing ceremony. The rear row peeled off, as the remaining 3 went on to the final enactment of the drama.

Finally, at the signing, which went off very well... we were chatting in a very friendly way with everyone, and all moved off together to complete what had to be done. Afterwards, we returned to the stall. Everything having been completed, we quite casually made our way back, and as we arrived we were very surprised to see the same people that we had just been with, already there, ahead of us. This is really I think Mother's very sweet little games that She plays upon us sometimes... because as we each saw the others... it was so sweet, that we rushed towards each other, as if we were long lost friends who had not seen each other for a long time. We said spontaneously... "oh you're back here already" And in the same moment they said… "oh we thought you were following us". Everyone was smiling so broadly and we clasped hands.... as we said "you have been so kind to us... you have looked after us so well. You are... all... very nice beautiful people. We really do hope that we will meet up again some day". The feeling was heartfelt and sincere.

And so, all this has been said to try to put everything into some balanced and fair account of the 2 days of amazing events that took place, with so many Sahaja Yogis in attendance. We reckon that we must have been numbering around 20 or maybe 21 of us there. We feel that much valuable progress has been made with bridging the divide between the Muslim Community… and the emancipated version of the Western way of life, here represented by us, the Sahaja Yogis of the Heart of the Universe…

This Nick feels, and I am sure that many of us who were there will feel exactly the same way... that it was indeed a privilege to have been a part of such a momentous series of events... that may well lead to the transformation of our world... and isn't it needed...

A great debt of gratitude is also felt toward Shri Mataji for these tremendous Blessings being shed on our Country... and ultimately on the world as a whole...

With much love
Jai Shri Mataji

You must remember that all this and more... other events, that occurred earlier, were all performed in a state of complete witness & surrender...

On many occasions that Nick is aware of, things happened that were truly miraculous. Nick inserted himself at least 2 times between an irate Fundamentalist and our stand. On one occasion the man was agitated and irate, and tried all he could to get past Nick to snatch the literature... yet he could not. Nick at no time was touched by anyone, nor did he touch anyone - it was as if there was an invisible barrier that they could not get beyond, that they could not penetrate. He just had to stand there, saying and doing nothing. There were other things too... it was truly an occasion to savour...

So to everybody... please do not be upset at what transpired... do not feel that we have to conduct a post mortem to see what went wrong. Nothing went wrong! It was all as Shri Mataji planned... it was all as Shri Mataji wished... Let us all see that... and then we will enjoy the fantastic drama that took place...

And the collectivity, the unanimity, the singleness of purpose, the singleness of intent… was something that this Nick will relish for a long time. In the past, Sahaja Yogis have always seemed to be pulling in different directions, always offering differing ideas… but this last weekend, we were as one... and we were then so powerful...

So let us rejoice... and enjoy...
With absolutely profound love and best wishes...
Jai Shri Mataji


P.S. We subsequently learned, that on the first day of the event, there had been a disturbance, and someone had in fact been knifed, stabbed… and that is no doubt why the Event Organisers were so deeply concerned for our safety and welfare – after all they were not to know who was looking over us, or the extent of the Blessings and the Protection that we were under.

And yes, in case anyone is wondering… we did get the full cash refund.

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3. Further e-mail correspondence from others who were there:


-- On Tue, 28/10/08, Gill Woltron wrote:
…..There were many
who sat down who had very deep experiences indeed. One
English woman who had married a muslim, sat for a long time,
she said she really didn't want to get up, and had
waited for this all her life.
On Sunday however we had a bit more attention paid to
us, from others around, especially as more yogis arrived.
Some complaints were made to the organisers about our being
there -that we were corrupting muslims. As there were
several yogis present who were from Muslim backgrounds,
including those who had been in Morocco -and know to be more
subtle about things,I did not take time to extra brief
everyone arriving to help.
We talked to some very deep people, and in general the
Muslims around were very sweet. It was just a few - the
proverbial few fanatics who took exception, and finally found
something to complain about to get us out. It was only a few
but they were intimidating in manner and shouted at the
muslim people who came to sit down that we were against
Islam and were bad people.
The organisers ans security were apologetic and really
respectful to us all, one or two had realisation. We have
been awarded a full refund and handshakes all round.
However one or two , like xxxxxx were unnerved, and
also felt we should write to the organisers -give written
feed back. I feel that the fanatics should be made aware of
their behaviour contravening the remit of the event.
I attach a draft of the main body of what I would
write. What do you think?
All the best,
> Gill

<><><><><><> <><><><><><>

-- On Thurs 30/10/08, Gill wrote:

…………I did see one of these fanatic people earlier on, when he told people not to sit down, as Muslims did not need this and we were against Islam. At that point there was a young muslim man talking to me. He actually told this guy to stop shouting, and talk to us in a decent way, he even suggested he sit down, to see what we really were talking about and try it.

He stood along side me and said this was no way to behave towards us. Afterwards he apologised that such a thing had happened. He was curious, but a bit sceptical, never the less, despite the scene just passed he sat down to get his realisation.

I have witnessed such a scene by a fanatic in Morocco, so I did not feel phased in the least, although I could understand if some yoginis felt the later events intimidating.

Like Nick I don't think any thing "bad" happened or need come out of it, it's up to us really not to be afraid. I do think it would be good to send some written feedback, as this would be good for the organisers, who were helpful, respectful and apologetic. There were handshakes and apologetic smiles from them. Those young women who were part of the organising teams and security, were particularly intent on showing good will and one of them had sat down a little earlier for self realisation.

Please let us know what UKASY would like , it would make more sense sooner rather than later, otherwise any correspondence looses its full meaning.

With thanks and love,

<><><><><><> <><><><><><>

-- On Thurs 30/10/08, Nick wrote:
…..Apologies for overloading you with so much feedback re the recent
Global Peace & Unity event et the ExCel Centre this last weekend.
  But it is I think necessary to stress the goodwill that we experienced
from the majority of Muslims there... and the definite feeling that our
Blessed Mother's Attention had such profound effects on the course
of events there... and how they played out.
   I count myself privileged that I was lucky enough
to have been a part of what transpired. It is something that I shall
savour for a very long time to come, and ranks up there with all the
other, very best of miraculous experiences that I have been
lucky enough to have been blessed with……
With much love

Jai Shri Mataji


<><><><><><> <><><><><><>

-- On Thurs 30/10/08, Kate wrote:

Absolutely, and my experience was just as beautiful.  The lady opposite us selling clothes all weekend was very sorry for the behaviour of these extremists and spent the weekend intervening and placating as many people as possible.  Before I left I gave her the roses that we had on the table and the sy book for beginners, as a little gift, and she was really touched.  We hugged eachother and swopped phone numbers.  She even said that maybe she could act as a bridge between us and the muslim commuity.  So, how positive can it get?  I had conversations other people, even when I took a break and sat at the back of the hall, in particular one gentleman was so supportive of us he could have been a yogi already!
The 2 days were something really special and I feel privileged to have been there.


<><><><><><> <><><><><><>

-- On Fri 31/10/08, Sue wrote:

Hi Kate
I unfortunately do not know the name of the lady but I think she was a very special lady and I would very much like to meet up with her again.  As we left the stall area I went across to her and thanked her for everything and she held her hand out and we clasped hands together and called me a dear sister which is what I feel she is.
Jai Shri Mataji 

<><><><><><> <><><><><><>

-- On Fri 31/10/08, Peter wrote:

Hi Nick and everyone,
I would like to express my thanks to Gillian and Nick for organising our stall at the Annual Global Peace and Unity show last weekend and to congratulate Gillian on such a good letter.  I was also impressed by the good behaviour and composure of the yogis who were present when I attended (on the Sunday) in conditions which we found both joyfull and, at times, difficult.

Love to all,
Jai Shri Mataji!


<><><><><><> <><><><><><>

-- On 24/11/08, Nick wrote:

Dear All...
   This e-mail is being sent to all who were there, especially on Sunday 26th Oct,
and witnessed the events that took place there on that great day.
Much of what happened there has already been documented, and when complete
will be circulated to all. There just remains the need to tidy up the recall of our accounts
of what transpired on that day, and see what can be confirmed by others.
If anyone can confirm any parts of the narrative so far, or can give their account
of what they saw at any particular point in  the story, it will be a great help.
Especially we need the Sahaja Yogis who were present, standing around at the time
that Nick retrieved the pen from the table/Altar. There were quite a few, and provided
their attention was not diverted by Shri Mataji's little tricks, somebody
must have seen something (how did Nick manage to retrieve that pen, and return back
through the rows of chairs?)

<><><><><><> <><><><><><>


-- On 24/11/08, Shirin wrote:

jai shri mataji

dear nick

i hope you are well.i just want to say that i was there only on saturday.the only thing that happened as i remember that a muslem lady was with another yonger lady .they were selling scarfs and dresses .their stall was opposite us .the older one came and sat .i explained for her about sahaja yoga and gave her realization (through our holy mother).she was very nice.then it was late in the afternoon on the same day that a muslem young guy was walking around our stall and did not like it and he was anxious .he went to the lady ,i could not hear them but i could guess from the smile of the lady that she was explaining that we were ok and there was nothing to be worried about from us.then he was holding  wireless and was speaking to someone.

as i was born as a muslem i know that the guy thought that we were hendous or other religions.any way there were some other muslem girls .one of them was so worried if some other muslem looking at them or not and also if there was any muslem  sitting to get realization?fortunately she saw a muslem guy sitting .so she sat . i worked on her and others worked on the other two as far i remember.

any way thank you very much . may i ask you nick that would you kindly please any time when you put my name ,do not put my family name down on any email.thanks very much.

  with repect and regards shirin.

<><><><><><> <><><><><><>

-- On 26/11/08, Peter wrote:

Dear Nick,

  Thanks for all the information.

Unfortunately, I have no recollection at all of your retrieving the pad and pen from the altar.  My attention was probably elsewhere at the time, possibly talking to one of the security men, who had moved in on us and one had been saying to us "you were asked to leave - you are still here - you are being "difficult" (or words to that effect).  I remember saying to him something to the effect that any discussion or agreement to leave should be with the administrators of the event, not with security personnel, and stressing to him that it was not us who were being "difficult".

  Some of my other general recollections were of the efforts of some muslims to stop people who had chosen to meditate from doing so.

I had helped a young lad who to go into meditation.  He had enjoyed the experience and asked me if he could "do it again".  As he was meditating the second time a young lady (perhaps about 20) interrupted him and I just caught the words "your mum will be very angry".  The poor lad reluctantly left.  The woman immediately interrupted a middle aged man in another part of the stall, presumably telling him he should not be meditating.  There were a number of other would be saboteurs and I remember adopting your method of inserting myself between the fundamentalist and the person being worked on, by another yogi,  and talking to the fundamentalist about allowing people to act according to their free will.

  I also remenber an elderly "anti" man grabbing a booklet, presumably to use information in it as ammunition against us.

  Another memory is of Semra very firmly telling a young man off who was trying to interrupt the middle-aged lady that Semra was working on.  I was most impressed!  The woman being worked on also showed her strong character by choosing to completely ignore the detractors and to continuue enjoying her session.

  Sorry I can't remember anything about the pen and notepad, Nick.

I hope my other comments may be of some use.


  Jai Shri Mataji!

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