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2006 in Chiswick
The Parting of Sahaja Yogis

In April 2006 Shri Mataji very pleasantly surprised us all when She quite
unexpectedly arrived in England for a very welcome visit to these shores, after
not having been seen here for 2 years.
Now She was here again, and quite unbelievably was living just across the road
from Nick's residence. So it was just a casual 2 min walk door to door.
Nick quite quickly offered his flat for the use of our Divine Holy Mother's use
as and how and whenever She wished... and received many blessings in return.

On one day he had been working in the back garden doing various jobs, including
repairing some badly damaged concrete paving, when news came through that
our Beloved Mother had just arrived in front of the house. She was
returning from a shopping expedition. All the Sahaja Yogis ran out to greet Her.
Nick also ran out, but as his hands were dirty from the work he was doing,
he arrived at the back of the group, and so had to crane over to see Mother.
He could only see the top of Her Head, and some reflected sunlight
was getting in the way so he could not see well.
then a really amazing thing hsppened, as the whole group of Sahaja Yogis
suddenly parted, moving sideways involuntarily i.e. not by their own actions
but by the Will of the Divine, leaving about approximately a 2 - 3 feet gap
through which Nick could now clearly see Shri Mataji, who now looked up
straight at Nick, smiling beautifully. Wow!

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