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1984 Wedding India 

When Nick first came to Sahaja Yoga, he was quite shy, nervous and timid, but he was a Seeker - of that there is
no doubt. It did not take very long for Shri Mataji to show him what his position was regarding marriage.
He was, totally unknown to himself, an out and out confirmed bachelor - he had no idea that this was the case
til one day it was revealed to him by Mother.

Then started the long journey, from 1980 up til 1984 when he ultimately got married in India to an Indian lady,
from Bombay. It was her 2nd marriage, and she had 3 children, of which just one came with us.
There were many many problems attached to this Nick which all had to be sorted out... but they all did, at least
most of them, leaving just a few for the 2nd and 3rd marriages later.

There were many quite small miracles during this marriage, quite charming ones mostly. On one occasion
before we were actually married, he was running the video equipment at one event, when a small girl came up to him
asking if he had a Photo of Shri Mataji that she could have. Of course he actually had many in his pocket,
but he pretended not to be sure, and said he'd look and see. He brought out a lovely Photo and gave it to her.
She danced away clutching the Photo. Later my Indian Fiancée
showed this little girl a pic she had of 'us 2 together' when she cried out 'that's the uncle that gave me the Photo.' It turned out that this little girl was her daughter. On many occasions something happened, where we were sitting together on a hard stony ground somewhere, but felt not the least discomfort from the stones all of which were sharp and potentially quite painful.

There were many 'coincidences' that occurred, like this little girl later told that she had been given previously
by a visiting UK aunty on an earlier tour an envelope full of Stamps of mostly the UK & Europe and the name
on the outside of the envelope was that of her 'at that time' future new daddy.

Another was that this Nick
at that earlier time had not knowingly met his future little girl, and he wanted to buy
something for her. So he enlisted the help of another young UK yogini, and they went shopping together to buy
a Punjabi for her. Never having seen her he was totally reliant on this other girl who was a girl from the
English collective called Bumble or Aureole. Any way the choice was perfect.

After we were married, he had to return to the UK... and later was joined by the other 2 who came later.
More miracles all along the way...
When he arrived at the customs in the UK, he disclosed to the customs Officer that he had got married, and he had a small quantity of silver gifts that he had been given. They were in fact really quite small, and nothing to get
in a stir about. At this, this customs man became quite officious and immediately demanded his passport,
intending to start taking his all luggage apart.
So Nick handed him his passport in which he carried a Photo of Mother, that he had forgotten about.
As he opened the passport, he said what's this and handed the Photo out for Nick to take.

Something told that not to put the Photo away but to continue to hold it by the top corner, such that it was still
in full view. At this there was the slightest pause, and then the customs man snapped shut the passport, thrust it back, and said
be more careful, or take more care next time... and then ran away.

Quite different to the Indian customs, who are mostly Sahaja Yogis. They when they see a Picture of Mother
inside any baggage, stop what they are doing and wave you through.

.And then quite a bit later, his new wife & daughter were arriving into London by air at Heathrow airport.
As it happened Shri Mataji was due to leave from the same airport for some other destination,
but from a different terminal completely. So Nick's attention was split, between Mother leaving,
and his family arriving. He could not obviously be in both places at once... so what to do?
His order of priorities took over... so he decided after measuring the distance separating the 2 terminals,
he had to attend to Mother first... and then at the appropriate moment to rush over to the 2nd one.
So this he did, hoping it would all work out.

He stayed with Mother til She disappeared from view. She seemed to pause for a moment then She was gone...
then Nick ran from this terminal to the next... and as he arrived, what did he see... he saw
his 2 ladies just starting to walk down the arrival portion where you normally meet your friends and relatives.
So, as you can see there are so many, so many stories to tell.

So why should anyone be doubtful about these so many miracles happening - they happen all the time
a very great Blessing of our Divine and Most Holy Mother.
Jai Shri Mataji

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