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'A River in Flood' & 'Striking Oil in the desert' - 1980_9th_Aug
Getting Nick's Realisation

Note: This account is offered here simply because it represents the very big miracle of how Shri Mataji brought 'this Nick' to Her... to Sahaja Yoga. Let us not forget that quite possibly the first miracle that we all ever experienced was that of being brought to Shri Mataji. So for the sake of completion, here it is...

My name is Nick... and I was extremely fortunate to meet Shri Mataji back in 1980 after I returned from an overseas tour in Brunei, an oil rich sultanate in Borneo, where I had become unwell due to being unwisely accommodated in a heavily air-conditioned hotel whilst working daily in the jungles and swamps on the equator very close to the sea. The daily extreme temperature swings from 'sauna' to 'deep freeze' were just too much for my health.

When I returned home, I continued with my usual activities, which included a personal 'meditation' and also continued with my interest in things esoteric. My meditation experiences were interesting... in that they led almost immediately to me 'finding' Shri Mataji. I was meditating on the story of the return of the prodigal son.... and seeing parallels with my own life. I somehow could not believe that the Divine could create this ENTIRE Universe, this whole complete world with all of it's wonderful diversity of creations, including all of humanity... with all it's wonderful intricacies of structures and complexities, and then abandon it... without first providing a way... a route back to He who had created it - there had to be a way... a shortcut back to God. So I decided that I had to look for it... that 'this' was my destiny.

In my meditations, I seemed to be facing an area full of light... not unlike the atmosphere or sky on a clear day stretching away to distant horizons... into which I felt I had to somehow venture... but... there was a problem... there seemed to be an impenetrable and invisible barrier to any forward progress... a bit like a great sheet of invisible glass. I was somehow anchored to the spot where I now was... unable to move into those new beckoning realms. I somehow 'knew' that I could not progress any further without first achieving a higher state of awareness... a higher state of consciousness.

In my 'seeking'... I had already heard of the concept of Self Realisation... and thought I knew what it was. Little did I then know that true 'Self Realisation' actually represented that very state of 'higher consciousness'... that 'higher awareness'... which I now sought... and which we now call as 'Collective Consciousness'... and that I was about to find it... in Sahaja Yoga.

At this point I received some guidance: Whilst waking one morning... at a point seemingly midway between 'sleeping' and 'waking'... neither one nor the other... or so it seemed... a state I have since learned is called the hypnogogic state. Whilst in this state, I heard this voice... very loud... very loud indeed, commanding me to GO... (Later I was to realise that it was not unlike the voice that I was to become very familiar with... whilst listening regularly to talks given at Sahaja Yoga meetings in London) It was like someone telling me in a very loud very commanding voice to "Go"... but to go where? do what? why? All the questions started rushing in. What or Who was that voice? After a short period pondering this unusual event... it happened again... a second time, a week or two later... exactly the same thing... except that this time the voice said... "Go, to Birmingham". I had never been to Birmingham, and had no contacts there... how strange. This time I was ready... and so I threw some clothes and things in a small case, went downstairs... and without much hope of being able to explain to my rather materialistic father... off I went to buy a one way ticket to Birmingham.

River in Flood

To cut the proverbial long story rather shorter... no more than a few weeks later, I saw in the local newspaper, an advert for a Sahaja Yoga meeting to be held in Birmingham in which it said that Shri Mataji would be speaking... and that She would be granting Self Realisation to anyone who was a 'Sincere Seeker'. So... well I mean that's what I was doing... that's why I was there... I was seeking for this 'short cut'... and I thought I was sincere... so I went along.

In my whole life, I had been an ardent seeker... though perhaps misguided til now... and I had been to a few 'wrong' places... but never to a 'Guru' as such... but here I was... in the meeting with several other people.

My initial experience was strong... very strong... but the strange thing was that although I was familiar with the idea of Self Realisation... it was nothing like I expected. I had gone there with a strong desire... to find the truth... and one which included a willingness to surrender all my own cherished ideas and beliefs about God... which I had worked out for myself over the years... if it could be shown that I was in any way in error. I suppose this was why my initial experience was perhaps a little stronger than usual.

At first, when Shri Mataji spoke about the whole subject of Self Realisation, and about this energy feeling like a cool breeze in the hands, I had indeed felt it... and it felt like a coolness, about the size of a 50p piece in the centres of the palms. From the auditorium, at one point, She had seemed to be asking me if I felt anything - I was in the back row... why was She asking me?

Like Striking Oil in the Desert

Then, Shri Mataji came down from the stage where she had been speaking, and spoke to each new person in turn... and She eventually reached the new person seated next to me. As She was dealing with him, somebody behind me, after ascertaining that I had felt at least something, told me to close my eyes. A moment or so later, there was a tremendous rushing... like a torrent... like a river in flood... flowing over my hands... and pouring up both my arms... up as far as the elbows. Again, a moment or so later... a great energy appeared inside my body, moving from below upwards, from around the stomach area, and moving upwards in the region of the spine... and shooting off through the top of the head. It was rather like the upsurge of oil in the desert... when making that first strike... and the whole drilling rig gets blown away as the first uprush of oil appears. Some time later (I have no idea how long this lasted) I opened my eyes... and standing in front of me, looking deep into my eyes was Shri Mataji. It was a powerful and almost overwhelming experience.. but oh so gentle... so peaceful... and absolutely no suggestion of any discomfort whatsoever.

Shri Mataji was looking very deep into my eyes. She then spoke to me. At that time there was absolutely no thought in my head at all. She earlier had been dealing with a couple who had been going to see Rajneesh who I later found out was a well known False Guru, and she again referred to them, saying something like... "You cannot mix sex with Seeking for God, can you?" To this I replied, not in the conventional way... but silently, in thought mode... telepathically if you like, saying... "Please do not ask me to condemn another... for I am no better than they are."  This was my first lesson.. the first of many.

I suppose I had expected with Self Realisation... that everything would be magically transformed... and that I would suddenly be aware of a completely spiritual world... surrounded by spiritual beings... and some sort of ethereal existence. Nothing of the sort. All I became aware of, that was new to me, was a cool energy flowing... even from the papers that were handed out at the meeting, and which I took home with me... and... a great sense of peace.

Since then, there have been countless experiences... and joyful moments. I moved to London as soon as I learned Shri Mataji was at that time living there... and continued to be as close to Shri Mataji as was possible... and was also blessed to be one of Her chauffeurs for a while... and saw Her daily, along with many other Sahaja Yogis, both at collective gatherings, and also at Her successive Residences. We had the chance to learn a lot... and to absorb from Shri Mataji, not only the abundance of knowledge... but also to benefit enormously from the Divine 'Chaitanya', or 'Cool Vibrations' that were constantly emanating from Her Being.

This all was some time ago, but still we all get regular opportunities to see Shri Mataji... and to benefit from Her 'Ocean of Love and Compassion'... though we do have to travel a little more, as She now only visits England on what can only be described as rare but wonderfully joyful occasions, having departed from England back in 1989, when her husband retired and returned overseas to live.

I learned the importance of absorbing as much as possible of the vast array of knowledge that She constantly makes available to us all... in an impressive array of talks... on an equally impressive array of subjects... which are still available as audio or video recordings. The Chaitanya or Vibrations are part of that which is recorded... and continue to have profound and beneficial effects on those who listen with meditative attention... especially on their chakras... and subtle being.

My health continues to be exceptionally good... and my ascent in spiritual terms also progresses from strength to strength... an experience in common with all those who follow a regular daily meditation of just a few minutes - and it's so enjoyable too... what more can one ask.

This is a path for the whole of humanity... wherever the individual may be at the start... not just geographically... but also in terms more esoteric... whatever his or her race or religion... whatever position we hold in society... whatever age... whether we are educated or not. We all get equal opportunity to achieve the Ultimate. Ego is of little help... in fact it is a bit of a block... but what we need... especially in our own relationship to the Divine is just a little more of that rare quality in the West.... humility. So come along... why not try it for yourself... it's quite simple... just get yourself to a local meeting somewhere... sit down and relax... and just see what happens. You will not regret it... and you might just end up 'for ever thankful' for the day that you decided to go along.

My very best wishes to you all... whoever may be reading this... maybe some day we may meet.

May God Bless all the Seekers... and may 'you' be one of them.

PS - Just a short postscript to say that all this was written some 17 or so years ago now... and the miracle of Sahaja Yoga continues unabated... and the many miraculous experiences continue too. Shortly it is hoped to document just a few of these here. This Nick is now 75 years old... though appearing much younger... and feeling also... still quite fit and healthy. He is active in many fields of activity in Sahaja Yoga. His intention is to continue just as long as the Most Beloved Divine Holy Mother allows, and as long as she continues to be pleased to permit his ongoing contribution to what is the 'Only Saving Grace' for humanity... Sahaja Yoga, now recognised as the Maha Yoga of all Yogas.
Penned this 2nd November 2014
Jai Shri Mataji


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