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Right or Left hand outside
to clear the Ida and Pingala nadis

Dear All...

The explanation that was gleaned many years ago in London

whilst in Shri Mataji's presence was that when we are sitting

in front of Shri Mataji with both hands towards Mother, the

energies which are flowing from Mother to us travel in an

elliptical way... from Mother to us, received with the left hand...

and then flow back to Mother via the right hand. In this case

there is no net cleaning effect.


If however we put one hand outside, meaning 'away' from Mother

then there is a cleansing effect. So, if the left side is catching,
to clear it and move towards a more balanced state, we put
left hand towards Mother or towards the Photograph, and
right hand on Mother Earth, or towards Mother Earth... or

outside the window etc... i.e. away from Mother. If we are

catching the right side, then we keep the right hand towards

Mother, and move the left hand away from Mother... in this case

lifting it at the elbow, pointing the hand towards the ether,

with the hand facing backwards.


When we do this, then things start to work out... but if we just

continue to sit in front of Mother with both our hands towards,

then nothing happens. So to clear our problems we need to move

one or other of our hands... outside... i.e. not pointing towards Mother.


With love

Jai Shri Mataji



e-mail from an English Sahaja Yogini:

Hi Nick

are you sure abou this?

I have neer seen anyone sitting at a puja with only one hand towards Mother...

were you present when she said this?



SahajVidya reply:

Yes - many years ago, in London. I can't quite remember where it was, but there were other Sahaja Yogis present. Again I have no idea if others will remember - who can explain why WE remember SOME things, whilst OTHERS will remember quite different things. By that I do not mean we have a different recall of any particular event or occasion... but that at that particular time, it meant something to me so I remembered it, whilst others may not have been so alert, or for some reason may not have realised it's importance... or for whatever reason... but also consider the possibility... Maybe they do remember!

    We all actually do just this every time we have a collective meditation, and we are asked to put the right hand on the ground whilst the left hand is towards Mother... and we say the Mantras for the left side. We are told that we are clearing the left side - all correct. Then we clear the right side by lifting our left hand towards the sky whilst the right hand is towards Mother.

    I can actually remember Mother saying to us... She often was guiding us on the many occasions when we were sitting at Her Lotus Feet in various locations... maybe at one of the ashrams... maybe at one of Her Residences. She said to us the need to put one of the hands out... or away from Her... and that if we didn't... it would not work out.

    It is well accepted everywhere that we do this to achieve balance, from wherever we happen to be, from the left side or from the right side... to move to the centre. If we do not, we remain where we are!

    Hope this clears things...

With love

Jai Shri Mataji




Thanks Nick, very helpful
But why don't we do it in pujas with Mother? I have never seens anybody do this. Eeverybody seems to always stretch out both hands.  It makes a lot of sense to me.
Do you do this when you sit in a puja with Her?
Thanks & Love



Yes again... I have to say yes I do... put one hand out... usually it's my right hand... but only if I detect that I have a 'heavy' left side - then it's left hand to Mother, and right hand on Mother Earth... until the 'heaviness' goes away.

   Then and for most of the time, I sit with both hands to Shri Mataji, with absolutely focused attention.

   Then if I detect at any time some catch, I will respond immediately by placing the appropriate hand on the offending chakra... until it clears.

    With love

Jai Shri Mataji


must say, I tried it out at teh Krishna Puja. I did not feel any particular catch, but I lifted my left hand in the air to clear teh right hand then the right hand on teh floor for teh left side. I have to say that I felt the vibration much stronger than usual and had a real clear-out of the back agnya, which I wasn't even aware was catching ...
Thanks again, very helpful tip...
much love

You are very welcome... very happy that you enjoyed.
   I was just mulling over the exchanges that we have had about this issue and was thinking that maybe it would be of interest to others, who maybe are also unsure...

    Recently Neville also was questioning the validity of this... but the same day I was talking to Alan from Bristol... and he remembered Mother saying this to us... long time ago.

    So maybe it would help others if the text below was circulated... without all the 'headers' etc. Your name can also be removed if you prefer.

    By the way.... how did you experience the 'back Agnya clearout?... when you weren't even aware it was catching?

With love




sure, I don't mind circulating this with or without my name.

   During the puja I felt my back agnya becoming hot (when I put my right hand on Mother earth), which surprised me, as I did not know I was catching on teh back agnya nor do I feel depressed or anything.

Then when I went to meditate at Mothers chair after the puja my left ring finger was emitting very clearly lots of cool wind, i.e. clearing out quite noticeably ....



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