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Responsibility... or... Sankoch

Hi once again everyone...

Apologies for the long delay in answering the mail about the question of Responsibility... and to which chakra this quality is properly attributed. A little researching into Mother's Talks quickly reveals a very clear connection with the Vishuddhi Chakra...

   Responsibility is a quality of the Vishuddhi (831001)… that's why most of us have bad Vishuddhis, because we do not take responsibility… and we have to be much much more responsible than even ordinary government servants are (830821); This Vishuddhi centre can also catch, if we feel 'too responsible', and can result in tensions and headaches - the remedy is to witness, and realise that everything is done by the Divine (890801); We should also be responsible in the Ashram, switching off electricity, not wasting food, being alert to the vibrations of the children etc. (850421); You have to take up the responsibility… those who do not, are not the people who are yet matured… every type of responsibility that you can take… think of what responsibilities you can take up (830821); When you are responsible, you will be amazed… you will drop out most of your habits… automatically. Once you take the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga on your shoulders… immediately all the dimensions of your new life will open out… knowledge will pour into you… a new style of understanding will develop… the subtleties of life will open out before you… the joy will pour onto you… you will feel as if the Ganges is flowing over your Sahastrara… but you have to be responsible (770126.1)

    Audio Clip No1 below - 830821 Responsibility clip, Mother Earth, Surbiton.mp3 
    Audio Clip No2 below - 831001 Responsibility clip, Santa Cruz Interview.mp3
      Also see: mp3 Audio Clips
for more than a dozen audio clips on Responsibility.

So if this is the case... how is it that we have arrived at the situation where many Sahaja Yogis all round the world believe that Responsibility is connected with the Heart? The answer it seems may be two fold... Firstly as mentioned in an earlier contribution, each and every one of us when we first came to Sahaja Yoga... were greeted by others who were there before us... and we naturally accepted without question what they told to us. Then secondly, these people were perhaps a little confused by the explanation given by Shri Mataji about a very special quality of the Right Heart which Mother calls as Sankoch... the special quality embodied by Shri Ram... which according to Shri Mataji has no English word equivalent... but which superficially may seem a little like Responsibility. But if you see below... how Shri Mataji describes it...
   Shri Rama… is the embodiment of all the good qualities in a man… like Sankoch… you see there is a Sankoch… like not… sort of… to go to somebody's house… and then… to start demanding… this and that… rather…you should be… worried… how far to go with a person… how far to talk to a person… how far to go with your wife… with your children… you see… all that is Sankoch. Sankoch means… restraint… in a wise way… enlightened restraint… how far to go is the question (0.0012)

  Shri Rama being Sankochi… means he's a man full of Grace (850000.2); Shri Rama was known to be a very formal person… Sankoch… that he would go to any extent to bear upon himself the problems, than to tell others to do something… this is one of the greatest qualities of Shri Rama… that he would not order anyone do anything for him. The softness of Shri Rama goes to the extremes… which I call the Sankoch (871004; 861223)
   There's no word in English language… because you have 'formality'… which is a very insipid word to describe Sankoch… because there is no 'integration’ between your ‘heart’ and ‘formality'… but if you can think of a 'formality of the heart', what do you call that… sweet formality… it's an action… formality of the heart… in action you see. Not to say something in such a way that you touch the wrong side of a person… is Sankoch. The delicacy of understanding. You see… this arrogance and rudeness comes to us because we have no Sankoch. That Sankoch, that understanding comes if you love someone and understand (820402)

   Rama was on the right side of the heart… means the heart put to activity… do you understand that. When you are in the left heart that’s your sincerity… your heart felt thing… but the heart felt thing… what's the use you see. There are many Sahaja Yogis who really feel this world is horrible and something must be done… Sahaja Yoga must be brought in… but how many of you are really putting that to action… absolutely into action. Without that your Rama's tattwa cannot be improved. Rama's tattwa is only improved when you put all the things into action… that’s exactly what Shri Rama did (820402)

   see pdf file below: Sankoch.pdf


The question of the 'Affirmations' is a very good example of the sort of thing that has been with us it seems like for ever... yet do we know what is the basis of their adoption as such... can we point to the occasion when they were adopted... or to the recording of the event when Shri Mataji gave them to us? Many... indeed most... of the Affirmations are no doubt correct... but this confusion regarding Responsibility or Sankoch is just one of the areas where we need to do a little research... and see what Shri Mataji is really telling us. Those of us round the world who are doing the research into Mother's Talks for the Book Project will probably have already found out the distinction between the two... Responsibility and Sankoch They may also have discovered the origin of the Affirmations... if so please do enlighten us all...

The quality of Sankoch is such a beautiful one... the quality of the Heart... in action... put into action... how far to go... without disturbing someone... without upsetting someone...

 It has been suggested to translate it as Dignity... or Decorum... or some other word... like… Discretion... Tact... Concern... Consideration... Compassion... Love... and of course... Responsibility...

But don't you think it might just be better to accept Shri Mataji's suggestion... and maybe adopt a new word into our vocabulary. If we use any other word... won't we be losing some of that special quality that distinguishes it from all others? Personally I like the quality described by our Beloved Mother... as a loving compassionate activity of the heart... the quality possessed by Shri Rama... and projected by Him. Let's try to understand it and absorb... and project it... to others...

 From all the forgoing... it will be clear to us all... why it is that an act of irresponsibility will affect the right heart so much - it will absolutely offend against Shri Ram...


Finally I am reminded of an occasion many years ago in London... when a senior Sahaja Yogi was showing us all a series of Photos of our Mother... telling us that they showed Mother in Her various aspects. One such Photo was of Shri Fatima/Hazerat Ali and we were told it was associated with left Swadisthana. I immediately put both hands to the Photo... and felt strong cool on the right thumb. So being then somewhat confused, I asked Mother why this was so... why did I feel it on the right thumb, if it was linked to the left thumb? She said quite simply... yes but they work on the right side also! So we should not think that things are too rigidly laid out... this way and that... but that each  affects the other to some degree or other... and of course they do...

 Hope you all will forgive me for perhaps labouring the point... but if Shri Mataji has taken the trouble to talk about these things in some detail... then shouldn't we take a little trouble to try to understand Her... so we can better do the job to which we are all appointed... the work of the Salvation of the whole of the Global Human Family...


With much love to all

Jai Shri Mataji



PS 1 – Click on either of these links to hear a very short clip of Shri Mataji speaking about Responsibility,

Or click the pdf file to view the article about Sankoch.

Clip No. 1 - 830821 Responsibility clip, Mother Earth, Surbiton.mp3

Clip No. 2 - 831001 Responsibility clip, Santa Cruz Interview.mp3

Pdf file - Sankoch

PS 2 - There are now more than 12 clips (audio extracts) in which Shri Mataji is saying very clearly that Responsibility resides on the Vishuddhi Chakra. See: mp3 Audio Clips



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