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Putting the Heart into Action - The underlying Sahaja Principles: Part 3 of 3

A few weeks ago Nick promised to write the concluding e-mail in the trilogy concerning the Advice given to us all, about ‘how to improve our Rama Tattwa’… or how to put our Hearts into ‘Active mode’ - Putting our hearts into ‘Action’.

He has found that it is in fact, not such an easy thing, to even attempt to do. Whatever this Nick tries to say… it will immediately be seen by many, as some sort of an ego manifesting. Can we not try at least to see it… in some words that we are somewhat more familiar with… “Hear not my voice… but hear in stead the voice of…… ” - Let’s at least, try to remove that individual ‘personality’ that is unavoidably, inextricably involved here… at least ‘someone’ or somebody, has to articulate the words that are required. With that small proviso, let’s now move on.

He feels that the other 2 parts have actually done much of the work… and that maybe there is not so much need now, to go very much further. Suffice it to say that perhaps with due consideration to the circumstances surrounding this series of episodes, we may be able to turn our attention to taking Sahaja Yoga forwards into 2014 with a better understanding of the values involved… and the Advices given to us all by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sakshat Shri Sita Ram… so many years ago now.

Perhaps just to make it finally very clear… that the main underlying cause of the misunderstanding that occurred, was perhaps a fundamental mistake in comprehension of Shri Mataji's Message to us all… and Her Mode of working out that Message in practical ways, via so many miraculous events that we all do experience now quite commonly from time to time.

If we can understand what is meant by ‘Emotional Intelligence’… or put it another way, by what is meant when we talk of the ‘Mental Activity of the Heart’ then we stand a much greater chance of really comprehending what Shri Mataji is saying to us.

Lets get rid of this sense that we can work out everything on the mental level (i.e. with the brain)… we cannot… at least not in the Spiritual sense that is of Paramount importance in Sahaja Yoga. We should all, by now, be accustomed to dealing with Miracles… they are… or should be for most of us, almost ‘commonplace’… at least for the majority of us. But that is not to say that they have in any way lost their amazing, incredible, awesome, and indeed wondrously miraculous nature. We should be operating at that level, where Miracles are not now, so very much unusual… and at this higher level, what chance has the poor old brain got of sorting things out.

So when a thing happens that we cannot explain in the normal or ‘every day’ sense, or that cannot be explained by the usual quasi scientific ‘norms’, then we should beonly too ready to accept the miraculous nature of that event… seeing as we have been brought up, so to speak, by She who is the origin, the ultimate source of all Miraculous Events, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

We get into trouble when we forget this… and we are then unable to accept anything happening in our lives… that smacks of something that is even ‘ever so slightly’ unusual. That is not to undervalue or to understate the amazing… awesome… incredible… and yes… still miraculous events that we are all now, much more accustomed to seeing in our lives… because for us it is now, or should be at least, the absolute norm for us… for Sahaja Yogis everywhere… where Miracles are the norm… are in fact almost ‘expected’ to happen. But they still inspire that sense of Awe… of Wonder… of something quite incredible happening, where ‘thinking’ makes no sense… where ‘thought processes’ have no real part to play.

This is what I think is at the root of the cause of the misunderstanding that occurred when firstly this Nick sent out that e-mail entitled “Putting the heart into Action”… and then followed it up with an actual ‘in practice’ demonstration, of actually doing what he had been talking about.

For some, the claim that it was in the first place something that was in fact even possible, without the ensuing risks normally associated with such actions, was just too much to accept. Then, when they saw it happening in practice, they could not believe it was happening… they could not believe what they were actually seeing… and the temptation to rationalise it as something that we are all too familiar with… was just too much. So first we have ‘incomprehension’ or inability to take on board that it was even possible. Then we have incredulity, or the inability to believe what the eyes are actually seeing, as even remotely possible. So then, with incomprehension, followed by incredulity, we are left with but one single option remaining… and that was to attempt to destroy what cannot be understood, believed, or accepted. So… all the filth, and explanations… started coming out. This really is not very wise, being that we are all Sahaja Yogis and Realised Souls where miracles are in fact now the order of the day.

When you see something happening that you cannot understand, that you cannot explain… but you see it happening anyway in front of your very eyes… this surely is the definition of a miracle… or at least one of the definitions.

What is really needed is to re-examine our basic fundamental understanding of what is, in truth, a totally new concept in thinking… the Divine Thinking, so to speak… or perhaps the ‘Operating without Thought’ type of mental activity… i.e. the Mental Activity of the Heart, as Shri Mataji calls it… or… She also calls it as ‘Pure Intelligence’.

There, if we can then rely on ‘Enlightened Faith’ in understanding the working of Divine Miracles, we shall be moving somewhere towards a proper comprehension of what the ‘happening of Miracles’ truly means in Sahaja Yoga… i.e. the intervention of The Divine into our own experiencing of everyday life in Sahaja Yoga… into our experiencing of Sahaja Vasta… the Sahaja State… where you know for definite that you are on the right path… you are on the right state of mind… and in which you do not react… you just see, and appreciate… you just see… it's a drama… you just see and watch… and get the joy out of it.

Hopefully, with proper understanding, we all shall be able to say, now with complete sincerity and with complete confidence: Now truly… I forgive everyone and especially I forgive myself… because I now really do start to understand.

Nick still does not really fully comprehend how it actually works… this final bit of ‘keeping these ladies, these kids, these adults and youngsters at bay’… but be sure of one thing… in all this time, this Nick has been fully protected by Shri Mataji from all these, and from many other sorts of disasters.

Something that he has noticed is that the ‘flirtation’ that is commonly evident when first meeting someone new to Sahaja Yoga, is very summarily dealt with by the Deities… to the extent that it is virtually ‘no longer there’ on the occasion of the second meeting. But for this to work, it is even more critical that the new person does, in reality, fully experience the actuality of his or her Realisation… he or she must actually feel the Kundalini shooting out the top of their heads.

So this is why some among us – I won't say the half baked, as that would indeed be a wee bit unkind, but let’s say where the normal Sahaja maturing process is perhaps just a tiny little wee bit short of full completion - cannot perhaps quite believe what is truly happening. But it is so. It is why, at the point of writing, I still have no female friend of any kind, no wife, no companion in my life… and it has taken 10 years to even partly understand it. One thing that is apparent… that whatever flirty type negativity is showing itself when a new person arrives on the scene, is very quickly dealt with and removed, by the time that they return for their next visit… so that it is no longer a relevant issue.

At Ealing, simply due to a lack of understanding, they were ‘seeing things’ from the outside using their limited brain power or mental abilities… whilst this Nick was seeing things from the inside, using the instrument of the heart – small wonder that the two viewpoints have virtually no common ground for a so-called ‘meeting of minds’. Finally, I can see how they now fit together… and why they have banned me from ever going to Ealing again… the place where I learned the art, the skill of putting this Heart into activity… of putting this ‘Active Heart’ into actual Reality.

Hopefully if this is all properly understood, we will all be able to ADAPT… and to ADOPT and learn these same techniques, and resolve this horrible impasse that we now have.

Much better than resorting to “Attempting to destroy that which you do not comprehend”, would surely be to go within… to meditate and pray for Divine Guidance… to remove the scales from one’s eyes, that we may see & understand what is really happening… and how it will assist us in our further onward progress.

If you wish to try it for yourself… first thing is… to get rid of all the garbage… all the dirt & filth… all the muck, that colours our perceptions. Don’t hit out & try to destroy what you don’t understand… don’t find fault with others… pray for guidance… we are all Sahaja Yogis after all and Adi Shakti is our Mother… is our Guru… is our Guide – call out to Her for Help. A tiny smidgen of humility would indeed be helpful here.

Dare I say it… it starts with surrendering as we prepare for example to run a meeting… empty our heads… have no script… script goes out the window… surrender to the Divine… the Divine is in control. Learn how to talk to people… how to open their hearts… learn how to care for them… how to explain things to them… how to lead them onwards… how to give them the experience… so that they know & actually feel it. Give them all 'The Need to come back again… to learn how to meditate… and to learn finally… how to let go'. And, yes, sometimes… it is necessary to talk and explain things to the new people.


Post Script:

Following on from the events on Wed 26th Feb, when he received that tremendous mauling from the two main 'big shots' who were running Ealing meeting, Nick had again another amazing experience. Firstly as he left, and returned home, he was waiting for some sort of reaction… but there was none. He did not seem to be catching at all… he felt ok and relaxed… he was not ‘caught up’ – truly very unexpected indeed, in view of what he had just been through – he was feeling fully ‘at peace’ with himself and with the world.

Then on the very next day, he had an appointment at Charing Cross hospital. Whilst there, he was talking to 2 ladies who were working in the reception there, and he was struck by 2 things. Firstly, he became aware that the first lady, around 50+ish, was seemingly almost overcome by the amount of compassion that was flowing through Nick to her, for some apparently unknown reason… it was almost overwhelming. Then when he turned round and saw the second lady, he was amazed to see her looking just like an angel… a being of light, from head to toe. Nick was astonished… he could almost not see her face beyond the lights - the lights that were in some way coming from her. It felt like Shri Mother was saying to Nick… don’t worry… everything is alright… everything is ok… don’t worry. Following on from all this, Nick felt fine… no catches… no problems – fully at peace with himself… quite amazing.

Then on Sat, another 2 days later, Nick received a call, from the ‘Commander in Chief’ fellow, apologising for the treatment that had been handed out to him… he had checked in meditation and started to have doubts when he could not get any vibrations confirming the action they were proposing. At least this man, whatever other faults he might have, he at least had the decency and humility… yes, and the grace, to phone up & apologise… but from the other 5, nothing… it seems that they are not bothered or concerned enough to check on vibrations or to even to attempt to ascertain the true facts of the case.

Here it is necessary to remind ourselves of something that Shri Mataji warned us of… something Shri Mataji calls VIKRUT or the Sick mind… the sick mind that we get when we go on accepting, when someone says there is something wrong with somebody, who in fact may be quite normal, and we say yes it's true, and it goes into our mind, and makes our mind a sick mind. It is extremely dangerous, not to others, but to ourselves.

Now there is a sixth fellow, this time not from Ealing, who has removed Nick from all of the Sahaja Yoga e-mail listings.

Here it is again necessary perhaps to repeat… that it is almost impossible to relate some of these issues, without some sort of a ‘sense of the ego involvement’… but the need for total clarification outweighs by far, the other concern for seeming humility of approach, on a very delicate issue indeed.

So on top of what has already been said, about the apology from this ‘C in C’ fellow, he also quite surprisingly volunteered additionally that… following Nick’s visit, not only did he start to have doubts about the actions they were intending, but also he noticed a distinct improvement in the quality of his own family life. Amazing. He ended by issuing a welcome for this Nick to come and visit his house at any time in the future, whenever he felt he would like to do so. Incredible. It is hoped after all this, that we all will NOT focus on the personalities involved… but on the underlying Sahaja Yoga principles that are so very important… and which have been hopefully, very carefully laid out above for us all to study and imbibe.

Jai Shri Mataji

PS = In the intervening period of 9 months since this all happened, 3 of the original 6 have made their peace with Nick. There still remain 3 from Ealing who still do not consider it worthwhile checking on Vibrations whether they are in error or not - maybe they are unable to do so... who knows?

Further Post Script:

If we think back… to when we first came to Sahaja Yoga, did we not respond to the love… to the care… to the concern and the compassion that our Beloved Mother was showing to all of us?

Why don’t we now just pause for a moment… and surrender to the Divine… so that the same energies may now flow through us… to them… in the same way… and just see if it will have the same effect on them that it did on us… so many years ago.

Just one final thought: Shri Mataji once asked Nick many years ago… whilst we were all sitting at Her Lotus Feet. She asked ‘What do you do when you love someone?’ Nick started to reply ‘That’s easy Mother… you…… ‘ At this point Shri Mataji interrupted, and again said, so that everyone was paying attention ‘What do you do when you love someone?’

Nick again replied ‘That’s easy Mother… you....  Care... for that person’.

To Care for someone… a very carefully selected word… means… to Love… and to take care of… to tend for and look after, with tenderness and concern… with delicacy and gentleness with all affection for that someone. Is not that… ‘Putting the Heart into Action?’

What more than that… can you do for any person?

And one final… really one final thought… an insight if you like… on waking one night… he had the thought… perhaps a bit like an ‘Intuitive Instruction or a Command’… to ‘ Give Yourself to people’. Maybe that’s what we all should do… “ Give Ourselves… to others”. Again, we need to ask… what more can you do than just that… for anyone? What more than that can you give… to anyone?

Shri Mataji Prasanna.

Om Twamewa Sakshat Shri
‘Maha Sankoch ki Shri Rama’ Pradayini Mataji
Sakshat Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha

End Note : The trilogy consists of the following parts:

Putting the Heart into Action
Part 1. The Concept as instructed by Shri Mataji in 1982 at Chelsham Rd Ashram.
Part 2. The Practical issues involved in implementing this instruction.
Part 3. The Underlying Sahaj Principles as taught by our Mother.

If you have missed any of these parts, and wish to revisit them to see what is involved, you can always go to the SahajVidya website at:

(Go to the bottom of the HomePage, and then click on the 7th Tab at the bottom/Right of the screen and select “Pitfalls”)

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