Hampstead 13th Feb 2014 Thurs N. London Meeting

The other day, Thurs 13th Feb, this Nick was called to Hampstead to attend a meeting of Sahaja Yogis, discussing the way ahead for Sahaja Yoga in North London.

He went along in a witness state, as North London was a little bit outside his patch, coming from Chiswick.

The meeting started around 8.45pm and for the early part was the normal style of Sahaja Yoga meeting, discussing ways to bring more people etc etc.

Close to the end, Nick who had been listening to everyone speaking, volunteered to himself speak up. What was said was not rehearsed – it was all spontaneous… but it came from the heart. It seems to be so relevant to our current predicaments experienced almost across the board. So here it is.

Putting our Hearts into Action – part 1 of 3

“Much has been said here tonight… much has been talked about… but it has all so far been on the mental level… but, I can't help wondering where is the heart in all of this?

We need to touch the hearts of the new people. The biggest difference between our Beloved Mother taking the meeting, and any of us… is the heart. We need to touch the hearts of the new people… we need to little bit touch their Hearts… Get them to feel that Joy welling up within us… Get them to feel the extent, the power of the Kundalini shooting out the top of their heads… Get them to feel that living energy bubbling away inside of us… Take them deep into meditation… See the transformation on their faces, as they feel the transformation taking place within themselves… Show them how easy it is to manipulate these energies inside them… show them how to move this cool energy from the cool side into the warm side… Talk to them… Show them… Demonstrate it to them… Care for them… Nurture them… Love them… If you do all these things… these new people will come back to your meetings again… and again… and again…”

But first of course… we have to learn to love. And this, Shri Mataji has said to us long back, when She said: “The English have to learn to love.” About this She has given us advice also. Just as a mother innately loves her child… will even sacrifice her own life for her child, so we have to learn to love like that… even the men. The Motherly qualities that are now at this time so earnestly needed, need to come to the fore, even in… and maybe especially, in the men. In the women, these qualities should already be there… at least in those women who really are the ‘real women’. These qualities will transform our country… especially in Sahaj terms.

Shri Mataji also tells us how to do it… She says ‘the left heart is the sincerity, the qualities of love & compassion etc but what is the use… all this desiring… we need to put this heart into activity… into action’ – the qualities of Shri Ram on the right heart, so misunderstood, which She calls Sankoch. When we start to do this, we find people are immediately affected… they immediately respond… they see the difference… and start showing a genuine interest… and they start coming back to the meetings again and again.

After the meeting was adjourned, Nick was reminded of a somewhat similar meeting that was chaired if memory serves well by Clive B. in Flood St many years ago. There it was suggested that… we need in our own meditations to maybe little bit formally ‘offer ourselves to Shri Mataji to be used by Her as Her instruments in any way She so chooses’. Then, we would no doubt be surprised to learn… She has been waiting for us to make this offer… and She would accept… and then all manner of miraculous things would start happening in our lives.

So lets give up this preoccupation that we all seem to have with trying to work things out on a mental level all the time… lets surrender to our hearts… and see what happens.

And forget those wooden hearted individuals that can see no further than their own noses… who immediately react with alarm and fear… who get a fright, and start complaining that we should not work on the ladies, if we are a man (sometimes there are more than 80% or so who are ladies… what can we do?), who do not like to see us talking to the person we are working on… who do not like to see us taking their hand up above their heads to feel their own Kundalini. For heavens sake… this is exactly what we are supposed to do.

So lets be sensible… be sahaj… be responsible… but above all lets be open hearted… and surrendered… to the Divine… and I am sure it will all work out the way we all, in our hearts, so desire.

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