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We had a really wonderful time this last weekend giving Realisation at Olympia to so many new people... who were queuing up to compete for seats as they became available. There was so much joy... and we seemed to be able to go on for ever without feeling tired. The event lasted 4 days, Thurs to Sunday. There were quite a lot of Sahaja Yogis, enthusiastically joining in.

People were so grateful for what they received... and hopefully many will come back. So many good and interesting people too.

Several Sahaja Yogis have expressed an interest in finding out how to give Realisation - those who want to join in, but have not yet got a great deal of practical experience. So here is just one way, which includes Mother's advice on how to do it and how far we should go... to increase the chances of those new people coming back to find out more - isn't that really what we all want?

So, imagine if you can, people passing by, seeing a group of Sahaja Yogis working on people sitting in chairs facing Shri Mataji's Photo…….

Alright now... you feel it clearly?... no doubts?... ok... now change your hands over... find it with the other hand. ok which is stronger left or right?... ok, now both hands on the lap... now what do you feel?... warm or cool?... (if they say cool, then: 'ok you've got it'; if they say warm, then... place Mother's Photo in front of them and ask them to open their eyes and look at the Photo)... now look at the Photo without thinking... and see if the warm starts to cool down as I am talking to you... (usually it does, and again you say 'ok you've got it).

You are now connected to the All Pervading Divine Power... That Power is now interested in you!... will look after you!... IF... you look after this little connection that you’ve just got.

Variations :

Note : The important thing is to be spontaneous... (not to learn by rote, and repeat parrot fashion)... and also caring in approach... guiding them through the whole experience in such a way as to give meaning to the whole awakening process... so that they are impressed and more likely to make that effort to return... there seems little point just giving them a pleasant experience... if they don't know what has happened to them...

It all sounds rather long... but in practice it does not seem so... and the main points are that each person goes away, KNOWING that he or she has DEFINITELY FELT THE KUNDALINI... and UNDERSTOOD IT'S SIGNIFICANCE... and is therefore much more likely to return to find out more.

Shri Mataji Herself stresses the absolute need for us to ensure that we do not accept that a new person is Realised... until THEY THEMSELVES VERIFY THAT THEY HAVE FELT THE KUNDALINI FLOWING FROM THE TOP OF THEIR HEADS FOR THEMSELVES... AND KNOW IT'S SIGNIFICANCE.

This is one only... of obviously many different approaches that can be taken... and is offered in all humility... in the hope that it may be of help to those who want to join in... but who for different reasons may feel shy to do so.

The joy of doing this amazing work for our Beloved Mother knows no bounds... come and enjoy with us all... in this truly amazing experience.

You may wish to save this somewhere and keep it near you for the next time that we go out GIVING REALISATION TO THE MASSES.

With much love to all
Jai Shri Mataji
your brother, Nick

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