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Correcting the Right Side
Over the years it has been observed that there appear to be very few Treatments and Techniques available for Right Side problems. Yet there seem to be many for Left Side issues. This is simply due to the need particularly at the start for Mother's Attention to be focussed on the Samayachar, or the need of the time, and the need was for work to be focussed on the left side issues. Also and more particularly, the problems associated with the Left side were often more troublesome, at least to the person affected, and therefore were more in demand & thus more eagerly sought after. Right side problems were less so simply because the person most affected did not suffer so much, and so these were less sought after. So for those who now need to find out what Shri Mataji has prepared for us all, who little bit suffer from these Right Side Issues, read on.

Pingala Nadi - General
The left side subtle system raised and taken over to the right side, by movement of the right hand, to bring the system into balance (830121), and is done for an intellectual or futuristic person, where the right hand is burning, and there is nothing in the left hand, that means that the right hand is not getting proper vibrations, so you raise the left to the right (830512); If we have ego, we should raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there's no other way out… you have to work it out with your hands (830121); More Right sided… put his Left to the Right… for Right sided, Left to the Right… raise Left to the Right… what work do you do… some physical… that’s why… Left to the Right… no no… other way round… because you do physical work too much that’s why… now it's better (840622); To get into 'balance' from the right side, we do so not with the left side, but by getting into the centre, by developing the witness state. We indulge into work in thoughtless awareness, saying 'I am not doing it' (800517.2)

If you find that your right side is hot, what you do is put your right side towards the photograph, and your left side up towards the ether… the ether takes away the heat. But what actually happens is that your right side gets the vibrations, and the heat is pushed towards your left and passes out into the ether. Now this heat comes from too much futuristic living… and this heat has to go away. For that there are various things we have to use, but mainly for right sided people, they should not use any light at all… they should not sit in the Sun… but should sit in the moonlight. They should read some poetry… and should tie up their watches, and not look at time… and they should allow time to pass. And should just become very sort of emotional people… and should sing songs of bhakti. They should not do Hatha Yoga - there are many things they should not do (880921)

To correct a right side catch, we can use the Chandra mantra (800517.2); If ego is still there, then raise the left side, to push it (the ego) back to the right side - with your hand push the left side higher, and the right side lower, so the ego and superego get into balance - do it 7 times (791118; 830121); Also as a correction, put left hand up and right hand towards the Mother, or towards the Photo (791118); If the right hand is shaking, put the left hand on your stomach, with your right hand towards me (830302); For right side problems, beat yourself with shoes (870408); Right sided people should not do exercises which are backward bending (840313); Right side activity: too much mental activity, which develops the ego (790616)

A right sided person has all the elements which give heat… you can say the light and the fire… so to correct it, light is not going to help very much. What is going to work out is the Mother Earth and the water element which is cooling… even ice is very helpful to people who are right sided. So all cooling effects should be used for correcting your right sidedness. The same with food… those who are right sided should take to foods which are left sided i.e. carbohydrates, and should become partly vegetarian, and should eat things at the most like chickens, but not fishes or sea food, because they are all hot (830121)

Stomach area

For problems of the right side… of the stomach area… take sugar - 5 of the dharmas are helped by salt, and 5 are helped by sugar (781005) Some of you might start feeling hot in the hands… maybe some of you… if so, you can just throw it away… or… those who are feeling hot in the right hand, then you put your left hand on the liver… just below the ribs… and right hand towards me (790524)

Right Heart chakra
Right heart… will be catching… if, supposing your father has died very early in his life, and he has left a mark of unhappiness in your heart, or insecurity - because that means he is still hovering around you. Then you have to tell your father that 'I'm alright… you take your birth… you take your Realisation'… like that we have cured the asthma of people who have been suffering from 25 years (790608.2)

Vishuddhi chakra
The Vishuddhi… can catch, if we feel 'too responsible', and can result in tensions and headaches - the remedy is to witness, and realise that everything is done by the Divine (890801); Problems when we talk too much, too loudly or use our words to intimidate others (890814.1), are aggressive (MME), arrogant, or blunt… and is counteracted by Madhuria, sweetness (811005) and also by going into Mona, silence (890814.1)

Hamsa chakra
With the Hamsa… if it is the right side catching, or if it is the liver, then we can use the name of Chandra, which will cool it down (800517.2); Imbalance comes from imbalance in our temperament, where one (person - Ed) starts dominating the other (800517.2)

Right Agnya chakra
We can steady the Agnya, by soothing the eyes - by looking at the green grass, or by looking at the ground (instead of always looking at every man or at every woman, which only leads to wobbly eyes) (781218); The mantra is 'I forgive everyone' (840718); If you have right side problems, then you have to say 'I forgive' (811006); If we can see our ego working, then we can get rid of it - not to fight the ego, but to surrender it - is the only way to get rid of it (791118); The ego covers the heart, and is to be surrendered (850528); Can be resolved by rejecting the feeling of being 'in charge' (941105.1); 'Pulling one's ears', and asking for forgiveness, can help to reduce the ego (781218); The mantra for the ego is 'Kshum' (781218), or the Mahatahankara mantra (791118); If we say 'Not I… but the Divine that is doing it…', or 'I am not doing anything…', then the ego does not come up… and we become humble (960505); If we have ego, we should raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there's no other way out… you have to work it out with your hands (830121)
This right and left side movement has to finish… you have to be in the centre, and to come in the centre the best thing is to meditate… about 10 minutes in the night and about 5 minutes in the morning. Some people do not meditate… then they cannot grow. The way you can grow is only through meditation and understanding (980706)

Ekadesha Rudra
Problems with Ekadesha Rudra… (if we think I am ok, I can look after myself, I don't believe in God…), and which come from Right side of void with right side diseases like heart attacks. The cure for problems with Ekadesha Rudra is to give up wrong ideas, and wrong Gurus, and by accepting that Sahaja Yoga is the only way; Beat with shoes (830204; 840916; 970316); When ego develops too much, you become Ekadesha Rudra problem (800907), and is one of the greatest hurdles to the Kundalini entering the Sahastrara (830204)

Sahastrara chakra
We have to be on guard to see what is closing the Sahastrara (960505); To keep Sahastrara absolutely clear cut, we must listen to whatever I have told you, and obey it, as absolutely an ordained thing. To keep the Sahastrara clean is to open your heart… if your hearts are not open, how will I fill it up with my love… open your hearts to your fellow Yogis and Yoginis (870503.1); To catch the Sahastrara is a very serious thing… you might develop Ekadesha with that, and you'll be in trouble… the reason is… when you are a Sahaja Yogi… you have to recognise me… that's the condition… if you do not, you will develop this Ekadesha, and I tell you then it is not possible to allow this Kundalini to come up… know that this Realisation was given by me… and nobody else (830209); I can write a chapter, like a book, on Sahastrara because that's my place… I know it so well (811006)

For much more information, look for and click on the individual chakras, where you will find more techniques and other interesting details.

PS - look especially for Mona etc

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