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Bandhan & Kundalini pt 2
Supporting documents

Dear Ioana...
It's very interesting... I do agree with all your sentiments entirely... we should be very sure that what we promote and practice is absolutely correct and that we teach and pass on that which is a verifiably true account of all Shri Mataji's Teachings... and nothing other than that - i.e. no imagined or well thought out interpretations, no variations which 'we' (the collective we) have developed over the years... to aid in our explanations or to assist in memorising... or to entrench in the newcomers memory... etc etc etc.


Also... there was absolutely no intention, when my reply to John's e-mail was written, of commenting on the web site which was the origin of this debate. It was simply a response to a long needed desire to resolve this, shall we say unsatisfactory situation, which many of us seem to be aware of... of the existence of so many erroneous accounts and versions, and variations of what Shri Mataji really has said and taught.

In view of your response, I thought I'd better go and look at the site in question... so that I could see what all this fuss is about for myself. I have to say that the site is very well intentioned, and exceptionally well produced, and presented... a very great asset to the global movement of Sahaja Yoga... but...    As I see it and with the benefit of many many years of being in Sahaja Yoga (27 years)... and with a quite close personal experience of being almost daily with Shri Mataji, from the very early years in London... attending the various Pujas, Meetings at Caxton Hall... working daily in Her successive Residences... for a period acting as Her chauffeur... all from 1980-81 onwards... and also studying many, many of Her Talks... writing down in detail... extracts of everything that Shri Mataji spoke about (a practically continuous period of about 10 years of virtually 24/7 activity to produce the SahajVidya website)... after all this... and much more... and also the many miraculous experiences that She has very kindly allowed and bestowed upon me... I have to say... and to stand up and say with utter conviction... that which has to be said... and say it clearly...


Whenever any of us first came to Sahaja Yoga, there were already many others there before us... and we were each taught whatever was the current and locally accepted understanding of those same Sahaja Yogis. So much that we accepted as gospel at the start, may very well have been influenced even at that very early stage by the 'variations' that we are now aware of and now wish to correct. It seems to me quite obvious that there is only one sure way of ascertaining the correct and absolute version of what Shri Mataji has instructed over the years. We cannot... nor should we, bother Shri Mataji with yet more interviews... requesting Her yet again to repeat what She has already said over the last 35 years... and which is quite clearly recorded for posterity. The answer is clear... we have to apply ourselves... and take up the responsibility... and study Mother's many talks... and sort it out... and come to a conclusion... unadulterated by personal preferences or whatever... 

Now if I may... I'd like to answer your specific questions...


Firstly you are right... that the paragraph that you indicate is contributed as my own thoughts... but based on the knowledge gleaned from the study of Shri Mataji's Teachings... all of which are to be found within the SahajVidya website. Personally I strongly resist any information that comes from anyone at all... if it is not in agreement with what I have found from Mother's Talks... or if it is not supported by a reference to some one or other particular talk of Shri Mataji. The parts of 'said' paragraph...

. There’s nothing in here about raising the Kundalini up the left or right channels, but rather bringing down the left and right (sympathetics)… see:   
The left hand is the hand of desire… the right hand is the hand of action… please try… raise your Kundalini… give it a twist… give it a knot… and bring it down (the two hands coming down on the right and left sides)… now again… now second time… take it on top of your head… give it a knot… and now put it down (again the hands come down as before)… third time… you have to do it three knots… now bring it down (821008; 821007)

                     821007 Truth is to be achieved, Bedford
                     821008 Interview, Wellingborough

. The Kundalini rises up the central channel only... see:  
The Kundalini itself rises through the Sushumna Nadi
… she is the Principle, she is the Tattwa of Shiva… and she rises through the channel that is made by Vishnu, out of the evolutionary process. So how can you do away with one of them… one is the road… another is the destination. So I hope you understand how important it is that your centres should be corrected… your road should be alright… that your Sushumna should be cleared… because we are Madyamargis… we have to go by the centre… by the central path… til you reach your Talubhag… where sits Sadashiva. So keep your road, the Madyamarga clean… and let the Kundalini pass through it. When the Kundalini will pass through it… you will be amazed that… the same Kundalini is going through the Vishnu path and reaching at the Lotus Feet… of Shiva (000206)   Our Kundalini has risen without effort, and without thinking, and has changed us so much - try to support her and keep the central path clean (871016); The central path of our ascent… along which the Kundalini ascends (840622)

                            840622 Southbank Polytechnic, Elephant & Castle, London
                           871016 Mahakali Puja, Munchen, Germany
                           000206 Shri Shivaratri Puja, Pune, India

. Also we do not bring the Kundalini down… ever...
       Everything is about raising the Kundalini... Shri Mataji never says to bring down the Kundalini - if She does not say a thing... it is not going to be found on any tape!

. Again we put bandhan ideally 7 times… not because there are 7 chakras, one bandhan to each chakra… but we do 7 bandhans to the whole system including all the chakras together, at the same time... see:
   Let us put ourselves into bandhan… after raising our Kundalini… raise it… attention on your Sahastrara… don’t close your eyes… push back your head… one!… again!… sit straight… take it up on your head… two!… three!… (Shri Mataji raises the Kundalini three times, and ties three times at the last raising - Ed). Now put the bandhan… (Shri Mataji starts with the right hand level with, and outside the left hip, and moves this hand upwards, outside the outline of the body, over the top of the head and down the right side, to the level of, and outside the right hip, describing a horseshoe shape, and then returns along the same path to the starting point - Ed)… one!… two… do it properly… systematically… three… all of us should do it properly… four… five… try to wait… as I am doing it (Shri Mataji does it steadily and slowly - Ed)… six… seven. Still we have not done it properly… we all should do it in one rhythm… let's do it again… one… slowly… two…with attention on Sahastrara… three… how do I do it… four… five… good… six… attention on Sahastrara… seven… rising? Let's have the last binding (Shri Mataji raises the Kundalini one last time - Ed)… ha… now see… clear… tremendous (850504)                            
                 850504 You have to be in Nirvikalpa, Vienna

Just watching the video shows that the bandhan is over the whole system... the same each time... no mention here or anywhere else of one chakra at a time!! (I am certain that this is purely invention of Sahaja Yogis unknown...) On the contrary... attention throughout is on Sahastrara...  

. Balancing is done by raising the left or right channel with the right hand straight up, as appropriate, and over the top to bring down the opposite side... see:  
You can find out in a second whether you are on a conditioning side or not… if the left side is catching, then you are conditioned, and may suffer from pains etc. If the right side is catching, then you are on an ego trip, and may have health problems. Or you may be wobbly (800517.1); If you use any one of these powers, superego and ego, too much… then the other one gets frozen (811006)
   If we are feeling sleepy, or lazy… then put Right to Left 7 times, with the Right hand, whilst watching Mother, or it can be done also with the Photo (821101); Those who have left hand problems… means who have left side problems… should raise their right… all of you (800721); If the right hand is burning but not the left hand… that is when a person is right sided, being an intellectual or futuristic person (830512), the left side subtle system is raised and taken over to the right side by movement… of the right hand, to bring the system into balance (830121); If we have ego, we should raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there's no other way out… you have to work it out with your hands (830121)


All these 'Extract Details' were in the original e-mail.


Now to the website in question:

   Having now seen the site... I have already said I was impressed by the design and presentation and also the graphics... but it is simply because it is so impressive... that it is even more important that what it portrays is correct... because anyone who visits this site will be equally impressed... and will therefore accept whatever it says without any question as to whether it is right or wrong.

    If you look at the graphics, it shows several things that are incorrect... concerning mainly the channel of the Kundalini ascent... and also the bandhan which should apply to the whole system, & not to each chakra in turn. Another is that we start to raise the Kundalini from the level of the Sacrum bone... not from the middle of the body. The front Agnya is missed in the awakening exercise... and 'Responsibility' is one of the main qualities of the Vishuddhi... not the heart. 

   Also one other important factor that I noticed was the apparent 'passing mention' of Mother's Photo... the Recognition which is so essential to a seekers progress' is not possible if there is practically no mention of Shri Mataji, or Her significance in the whole process of getting one's Realisation... or did I miss something? Finally... if anyone can produce tape references to support any of these controversial interpretations... I shall be only too happy to incorporate them into the body of SahajVidya knowledge... and acknowledge them as such. 

   Apologies for the long reply... but this Nick also feels that accuracy is important. If we are diverging at this early stage from the central path of Shri Mataji's Teachings, to this extent, then what does this bode for the future... it can only move further and further away from what is the true path as laid out by our Much Beloved Mother. We have a duty to understand and present and promote Sahaja Yoga in a way that reflects our understanding of Who is Our Mother.

    Do not mistake what is said here... this particular site is a very very valuable tool, and should be welcomed. The author is to be congratulated for all his/her work... and for such artistic flair. It is not his/her fault that this confusion that exists the world over has reached this far... and has compromised what is essentially an extremely valuable contribution to the work of our Much Beloved Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
   Let us all work toward the same goal... and in full loving cooperation... to please our Divine Mother.
Shri Mataji Prasanna.


With much love

Jai Shri Mataji



-----Original Message-----
From: Ioana Popa [mailto:gpopa1@cogeco.ca]
Sent: 26 August 2007 14:34
To: nick@sahajvidya.org
Subject: Again Bandhan - Make it Right

Dear Nick,

 The information that you have provided is extremely important. Normally, we should make sure that we establish once and for all what Shri Mataji said in Her talks on this subject + what She taught/explained to sahaja yogis  in details about this... after that we really should correct the Information everywhere: internet/websites as well flyers, documentation about the Bandhan,etc..

 That website in flash that "ignited" all this discussion is simply amazing and a very good tool for spreading Sahaja Yoga. The only thing that it's needed is to correct the content of that page, that's all.. it's absurd to blame the website .. ha! ha! We can't see the forest because of the trees so very easily... What we do need ASAP is to have correct information from SHri Mataji about these basic & fundamental pieces of sahaj vidya and put them "there"=everywhere that an be seen by the Sys, seekers, beginners... That's all.

 This isn't something that should be left hanging "loose"..

 Most ptobably many of us in N-America we're already using Shri Mataji's tape (Nirvikalpa..) at our beginners' programs so they do the Bandhna with Shri Mataji. This is what we're doing here for more than 1 year.

 BUT this phrase that I assume is yours: "

 "There’s nothing in here about raising the Kundalini up the left or right channels, but rather bringing down the left and right (sympathetics)… the Kundalini rises up the central channel only. Also we do not bring the Kundalini down… ever! Again we put bandhan ideally 7 times… not because there are 7 chakras, one bandhan to each chakra… but we do 7 bandhans to the whole system including all the chakras together, at the same time. Again, balancing is done by raising the left or right channel with the right hand straight up, as appropriate, and over the top to bring down the opposite side – see the topics on the website."

 ... for this very important information you didn't provide any excerpt from Shri Mataji's talk and this is essential. We were told (my generation of SYs) almost 17 years back that each "rainbow" of the bandhan is to protect one chakra.. one by one ..


Do you know where Shri Mataji is explaining this. It's rather extremely important because at least myself I want to follow Shri Mataji and nobody else's variant ..plus to give the correct/sahaj information  from The Source to others .. and not some "variants" or "personal interpretations/assumptions".


Thank you very much.





30 August 2007 05:00
To: nick@sahajvidya.org
Subject: @WL Re: Again Bandhan - Make it Right

Dear Nick,
I just arrived from a class and get-together after the local class. quite a loong and beautiful sahaj time.. and they are new and some come from faaar away and have families that are not "for" SY.... . How I'd love if you'd be here to share with our dear seekers-new SYs how is to be "close" to SHri Mataji ... how was in the "older times".. they'd love it..
Your answe to me was like honey for the heart ... to see love and respect and knowledge and bakhti and common sense in a SYi .. that is a treat always... ha! ha!
I'll reply later/tomorrow or so to you ... so I'd be as a whole in my response to you... now I have to really go to sleep after footsoaking ...
All my love and Thank you!!!

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