Preface - new

  Right at the very outset it should perhaps be stated that the contents of this work are not claimed to be, nor are they to be taken as 'absolutely literal', or 'verbatim' quotations from our Holy Mother's audiotapes, though there is much that will be recognised... by many.
  That which is contained herein, is derived directly from the spoken words of our Holy Mother, as recorded on the many occasions when She has spoken. However, because of the need to include references to the enormous amount of material that exists, within a moderately sized volume, there has of necessity been a certain amount of abbreviation. Where a passage was long, or a subject referred back to repeatedly, or intermixed with another, then a certain amount of sorting out was necessary, whilst ensuring that the essential & salient words originally used, are in all cases retained.

  Also following the compilation of the many items, taken from a large number of Shri Mataji's talks, it was found that the result was somewhat disjointed. So in order to retain the 'flow' & improve the readability, & to avoid repetition, the expedient of 'joining' by using link words, or occasionally combining phrases or sentences was employed, where it was clear that the subject matter was one & the same. Also, & for similar reasons, the 'person' may sometimes have had to be brought into line with that of adjacent text, e.g. 'you must listen..' might become 'we must listen..' or 'one must..' etc., whilst however ensuring that the essence of what is being said remains the same. In all cases the 'original references' remain. In a similar fashion, the first person singular style may occasionally translate to the third person style, where it is felt preferable & perhaps more appropriate.

  In all cases the essential text remains unchanged. Here it might be helpful to attempt to set out the rationale that underlies this project. Something that Shri Mataji said on 25th July 1989 at Melichargasse summarises it precisely. It is quoted under the Subject headings... 'Studying'... 'Mother's Words'... and also 'Audiotapes'... and is reproduced here..."You must all individually also work it out that you study Sahaja Yoga in a way. In most of the tapes whatever I have said can be seen… found out… what is said about health… what is said about children… because I spontaneously say things… and if you can sort it out you will know so many things… I mean if you sit down and do a study of these tapes it will help you to find out so many little little things that are so important for life. You can clarify it… can note it down… that this Mother said about these things… it will be very good for us to sort it out this way… what point is to be noted down in different headings… can put different different headings, and jot it down. Mother has said so… Mother has said so… whatever is not on the tape you should not listen to… whatever is on tape is authentic… whatever is recorded already should be accepted (890725)"So with this approach... and over several years... and listening to many many talks... noting it all down... typing it onto computer... sorting it out... checking for flow and readability... this 'presentation' is the end result. The references that are quoted throughout this compilation, point the reader to the original source material, and are in the main simply the date of recording of the talk, shown in reverse (e.g. a date of… 21st March 1998 would read as 980321).

  This has the great advantage that in any listing of dated material, all items added at a later date, will automatically get sorted into the correct position, chronologically speaking. The exception to the above is the reference 'MME', which references Shri Mataji's own book, "Meta Modern Era", and is the sole written or textual source used here.

  This volume serves not only as a pointer to the original source material, i.e. the audio or videotape, wherein can be found much more detail, but also serves as a collection point, where anything that Shri Mataji has had to say on any particular subject, can be gathered together under the various headings.

  The reader is strongly urged to go to the original source material, not only to verify the item in question, but more, to gain the incalculable benefits of listening directly to Shri Mataji speaking on that and many other subjects. Much more important is the very great and immeasurably beneficial, vibrational effect of listening to Shri Mataji talking, and which cannot be represented in any way in the printed word. The unending flow of Vibrations that emanate from Shri Mataji, in all Her various Aspects, are recorded along with our Holy Mother's Words, and as we listen to recordings of Her Talks, we receive once again the tremendous transforming qualities of those vibrations. As we listen to a talk on a particular subject, so the vibrations are working on those problems within us - in short, there is no substitute for listening to the 'actual spoken word' of our Holy Mother, each of which is a mantra in it's own right.

  This work was started originally as a simple dictionary, to give the meanings of foreign words, as defined by Shri Mataji, in the many recordings of Shri Mataji speaking, sometimes in informal settings, but more usually in lectures or talks given the world over. Later it developed into something much more, and now within it's confines are included any and all references to anything that our much beloved and Holy Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has deemed it necessary to speak about - the only exception is that no references are included to individuals in Sahaja Yoga, past or present, other than in reference to the bibliography.

  Happily, confirmation came one day, when listening to the recording made of the talk of 25th July 1989 at Melichargasse, in which Shri Mataji urges us to listen to the tapes.. to study Sahaja Yoga.. and sort it all out. On this tape, Shri Mataji also tells us… 'whatever is on tape, is authentic… whatever is recorded already, should be accepted' - another reference to the importance of listening to the audiotapes. Again in a talk recorded on 6th November 1989, in Connecticut, Shri Mataji tells us, that we all should have one tape each.. we should sit down and listen, again and again.. with pencil and paper, and 'see what I am saying..' and again 'every tape should be with you.. '

  This edition is in no way to be considered complete, nor is it to be taken as a 'full' or 'balanced' account of what Shri Mataji has to say on any particular subject. To date, only a comparatively small number of talks have been referenced. There remain a very large number of recordings, which so far have not been accessed. Until they have all been researched, til then this work remains incomplete. To date 388 talks form the basis of the research for this compilation.

  With regard to the material included in this edition, each item has had to meet certain rules, for it to be acceptable for inclusion. Firstly, it must be understood that no material from any source other than our Mother is even considered, and also for it to be included, it must be from tape recordings only, other than the already mentioned exception of Shri Mataji's book, Meta Modern Era. Thus all material which is in written form is excluded, unless in Shri Mataji's own handwriting. It follows from this that if what is 'discovered' when listening to any particular tape is incomplete, in the sense that there are some parts of the subject not mentioned, then only that which is 'discovered' in this particular talk is used. At a later date it is to be hoped that the missing details will be added, but only when 'chanced upon' in listening to the tapes - no matter how well known or basic the information may be. The reader is therefore asked to exercise some degree of tolerance, and of forbearance in this respect.

  Any entry which is felt to be resulting in too much of an imbalance, is excluded from the published version. Where different countries are mentioned, and where some of the words may indeed seem unpalatable to some of us, it is felt that Sahaja Yogis are sufficiently enlightened, that we can see it's relevance to our ascent. As we grow away from our Country's basic problems, so we become detached, and can see that it is to those left behind, that the words apply.

  One word of 'caution' perhaps, to the reader who mistakenly believes that 'one can work it out on one's own'. Shri Mataji tells us again and again, that Sahaja Yoga is a collective phenomena, and "anybody who thinks… 'I can work it out on my own, I have a 'special relationship' with Mother' should know that they are... 'going out' - you cannot work it out on your own". Again, she tells us "the greatest law of Sahaja Yoga is that it is a collective happening", and again… "collectivity, will make you grow".

  Finally, we are most fortunate to be born at this time, to be here at a time when the greatest of all Incarnations is with us, here on this Earth - and who is accessible to us. We are so blessed… we see so many miracles… we receive so much joy… yet do we all really recognise… and do we all have that sense of protocol… that in whose Presence we so often are… and in whose protection we bathe. Let us, even if it be in only so small a way, see what we can do, in return for our unfathomable, indescribable, unimaginably great Mother… the Primordial All Pervading Power of Lord God Almighty… our Holy Mother, Paramchaitanya Shri Mataji, Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti, Shri Nirmala Devi.

    Errors & Omissions
  The compiler wishes to beg Shri Mataji's pardon, if Her Holy Words have in any way been so mutilated, as to alter the message that they were intended to carry.

  Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that errors are kept to a minimum, if you are one of those who does find something, it would be helpful if you would please send notification via the publishers… or if on the web, via the e-mail address provided. The notation 'Sic' indicates that the adjacent text is noted, and is correct, whilst 'Ed' indicates some words that have been added for clarity.

   Phonetic Transliteration
  The convention used is simply to attempt to represent any Indian words in a way that the average non-Indian reader will be able to pronounce the words reasonably accurately, whilst deviating from the generally accepted rules of transliteration as little as possible. It is accepted that there will be variations in resulting pronunciations, endemic to the different regions of the world, and this is something that this work makes no attempt to reconcile.

  A word of thanks to all those who have helped with the checking of the draft copies, for uncovering the multitude of little errors that crept in at the beginning of this project, and in particular to one young Sahaja Yogi who comes all the way from Turkey, who was a great help in many ways - he will know who he is.

  In closing it is hoped that the reader, wherever he or she may be, will enjoy, and hopefully gain much, not only from this offering, but more importantly from the audiotapes that he or she will be directed to, in journeying through the following pages. With every good wish… to all who delve into the depths of the numerous recordings, of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's many talks.

    9 Mar 2003 (Originally penned in 1998)