This is a schematic for one possible approach... to adapting the files
contained in this site... to help with the very gentle guiding of
NEW people coming to Sahaja Yoga.

The full set displayed on the left would be printed out, and held in an
A5 Ring Folder... and would form the basis for a starting point. Each
of the items would be regarded as a thread which could be developed
and followed through, as desired... or new ones introduced.
A second level of progression might be something like that shown on
the right... but is of course totally at the whim of the local Sahaja Yogi.
An A5 Ringfolder containing the basic topics of "Bandhan" & "Raising
Kundalini" with also the "Sahaj Meetings Introductory CD" in a paper wallet
with a copy of Shri Mataji's Photo would form the
basis of the starting bundle ( on offer at a minimal price, say
around £3 to £5 with all proceeds going to support the local meeting).
It is suggested that subsequent handouts would be given free.
All necessary labels etc are to be found on the CD itself.
To download the CD compilation itself, go to the Tools section.