When working on ourselves to correct a problem, what we are in fact doing is to try and achieve a Balanced state... to get into the Centre... to get onto the Central Channel.
    Thus to correct a Right side problem we need to reduce the already over heated right side, by using the Left hand which is the Minus or Sucking hand to take away some of the excess heat.
    If it is a Left side problem, we use the Right hand which is the Plus or Giving hand to again achieve a Balance state, by giving extra vibrations. In both cases we are attempting to get into balance in the centre.

Clearing or Working on the Right Side CHAKRAS

Including a truly Amazing Story - a Miracle Cure no less!


Here below, is a little piece of a conversation that occurred between a Sahaja Yogi in Australia, and Nick in England, over confusion that existed then, and apparently still continues in many places, about how to work on the right side problems, that we sometimes experience.
   Please note that all the original spelling errors etc are retained as they were at the time of original writing, for the sake of authenticity.

- Original message -

Dear Nick,

jai shri mataji!

Thank you for the commentary. I just wanted to request you to tackle one small issue in addition to the ones you have already taken care of:

There is some confusion with regards to which hand is to be used for working on our own chakras. While we have a clear guided mediation from shri mataji for working on the left side chakras, there is nothing about the right side chakras, which are often in problem.

The three volumes of sahaja yoga manuals.... clearly show photographs of the right hand on right side chakras. I tried this. My right heart in particular got into a mess.

In addition, if we cannot use right hand to place on right side chakras, then how about giving bandhans? can we give bandhans to the right side chakra with the right hand.

Thanking you in antcipation.



   Hello Sangham...

   Yes there is some confusion amongst Sahaja Yogis... it has always been so, or so it seems.

   It is a fairly common mistake that we seem to make, when we start to work on the right side with the right hand... but it is not uncommon to see it being done.

   Firstly, it is essential that we do not use our intelligence too much in trying to understand Sahaja Yoga, and how it works.

   But, that said, it is a good rule of thumb, when working on ourselves, that we work on the left side with the right hand... and on the right side with the left hand. This includes if we want to give a small bandhan to that particular chakra.

   Also if we are working on the central chakras, we again use the right hand.

   In other words, we can say that we use the right hand always, when working on the left side or also on the central channel... but that we change to using the left hand when we are working on the right side. (That is… when working on ourselves, or on our own chakras, or subtle system).

   Now it is also quite important to keep ourselves in a way detached from this process... by keeping our attention, at all times, at or above Sahastrara, or you might also say... by keeping our attention on Shri Mataji.

   Remember that at all times, we are ourselves simply the channel or instrument for the working of the Paramchaitanya. It is the Divine Power that is truly doing all the work.

   This might explain why some people experience problems of feeling unwell when performing some of these techniques... because they are too identified with the problem existing on that chakra, whilst they are working on that chakra. Best way is to draw back, and witness, whilst performing the technique... feeling that our body is just the channel, for the flow of the Paramchaitanya... which is really doing the work...

   Also when working on someone else... we should witness the whole process, as we perform the techniques of giving vibrations. Only in this way we can avoid catching from others. Of course we put ourselves and others, into bandhan to provide protection... but then in addition, try not to get too involved. In fact it is much better if we are in Meditation at that time... i.e. in a state of Thoughtless Awareness.

   After a while you will enjoy the experience, of working on the most ‘caught up’ persons, no matter what the problems they might have.

   When working on others, we extend the left hand to the Photo to receive the vibrations... and give those vibrations to whomever we are working on with the right hand... in the main.

   This bit about 'sucking' the vibrations... is to indicate, in this context, the direction of flow... or the effect of the action. Thus if someone has a hot liver (right sided problem), it would be no use giving more energy to the already overactive liver... but rather we should remove the excessive energy if you like, with the left hand which is the hand of 'receiving' or of the 'sucking' motion. Language gets a bit tricky at times, because we are dealing with the 'spiritual' or 'subtle', primarily... whilst language itself is primarily dealing with our experiences in this material world of ours.

   Again we need to remember... that it is not we who do these things... we act only as a channel for the higher Power of the Divine to do these things. When we put the left hand in order to 'suck' the excessive energy in a hot liver for example, we are not ourselves sucking this energy... we are simply putting the hands in this configuration so that the energies flow from the liver into the left hand... then are emitted from the right hand... to the fire for example. We just witness, without identification.

   One other thing to understand, is that there are a few things, that it seems that Shri Mataji may not have explained absolutely fully... and this may be because you can only take an analogy so far - if you try to take it too far, then it falls down... and you end up even more confused than before.

   So discretion is also needed here... and not the intellect.

   I hope that this has helped to clarify in your mind some of the confusions that were evident at the start.

   With all love

   Jai Shri Mataji



Final response after receiving the above advice :

Thank you Nick. I will need to read your mail a few more times to fully absorb it, then experiement to see if its true. I came from a reiki / pranic healing background, so there it was essential to will..or at least desire which direction one wanted the energies to flow. You seem confident that sahaja yoga does not work that way. I will try and see.

By the way, it may interest you to know that when i worked on my right heart with my right hand...and intended to 'give' vibrations by touching the right hand to the right heart, my worldly father had non-stop hiccups for 48hrs...i dont live with him, so i did not know. I called home quite by chance and was shocked to know that my 69 year old father had not been able to sleep a wink, nor attend work. I kept the phone down and immediately kept my left hand on my right heart. In five or ten minutes i called home...he was ok!

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

A Truly Amazing Story!


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