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It seems that almost everywhere Yogis are calling the bandhan as something like a Rainbow that is applied for
protection or for its auspicious effects. Shri Mataji never refers to the bandhan in this way, but is constantly referring
to it's Horseshoe shape as a very auspicious thing that is suggestive of the way that the Devi Herself moves
when She did Her work of Creation. See below for how Shri Mataji describes it.

The Horseshoe

Is auspicious… do you know that in modern times the symbol of Sahaja Yoga is a horseshoe shape… it has many meanings… but why that shape is auspicious people did not know. People do not know why one thing is auspicious… and another thing is not auspicious. Now this has been in England for years… people were using horseshoe as an auspicious thing… and it is… 100%… the shape of a horseshoe emits vibrations… you can see for yourself… the shape… is the shape how the Shakti moves… how the power moves… always like this… elliptical… like if I love this person, the vibrations will go like this… and embrace her and then will come back… but it can be 360 degrees it moves. The whole creation took place by the movement of the Shakti like this (800721)

Note... compare the shape of the horseshoe to that of a rainbow... the latter is very shallow, and reaches from horizon to horizon, whereas the horseshoe reaches from left hip, over the top of the head and down to the right hip... and has the benefits and significance mentioned above.


Lastly, have any of you ever seen any horse or even a donkey with rainbow shaped feet.... it wouldn't even be able to walk,
let alone do what we all know that good race horses and steeplechasers do practically every weekend of he year.

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