. A very special "Welcome, to All the Seekers of Truth"
Right at the very outset, it should perhaps be said, that this web site was designed especially
Sahaja Yogis... those who are already proficient in the art of Sahaja Yoga, who will still,
xit is hoped, find much that is both satisfying & rewarding as they travel through the pages thatx
Those who are still perhaps tentatively finding their way around, as you read these pagesx
remember to put your thinking & rational mind to one side, as you explore, & of course enjoy.

If you have 'chanced' upon this site whilst browsing the web, you may first wish to see
YOU can
get YOUR OWN 'Self Realisation' before you commence. It is highly recommended.x
You will then have the best chance of enjoying this site to the absolute maximum.

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